Best Humidifier to Solve Dry Air in the House

See why AprilAire Humidifiers are the best solution to humidify your home.


Best Humidifier Solutions

Humidification Is One of the Most Important Aspects of Indoor Air Quality

Humidification is the process of adding moisture to the air to increase humidity. Many people associate humidity with the discomfort of hot, steamy summer days. And it's true that too much humidity causes problems. Yet when properly balanced, humidity offers many proven benefits to your health, home, and comfort.

AprilAire offers the best humidifiers to add the proper amount of humidity in your home in order to prevent problems caused by dry air.

Low Humidity Causes Dry Air

Low humidity can increase your likelihood of getting colds, flu, and other upper respiratory ailments. Airborne viruses that cause colds and flu thrive in low humidity. And, according to The American Society of Otolaryngology, dry air can make people more susceptible to infection. In addition, drier air can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms.

Low humidity can cause home damage. It causes walls, woodwork, and your beautiful hardwood floors to crack. Electronics can fall victim to static electric charges, requiring expensive repair or replacement.

Low humidity can cause higher energy costs. Low humidity can make you feel too cold at normal temperatures leading you to turn up the thermostat. This leads to higher energy bills.

How the Best Humidifier From AprilAire Can Help

Installed directly to your home's central heating and cooling system, a whole-home humidifier provides whole-home comfort—unlike portable units that only address certain rooms.

Fully Automatic Digital Humidifier Control

You will never have to monitor settings or wait until you feel uncomfortable with the AprilAire Automatic Digital Humidifier Control.

Optimum levels of relative humidity in your home will fluctuate with changes in outdoor temperature. This "set-it-and-forget-it" control keeps your home’s humidity level exactly where you want it.

Find the Best Humidifier for You

AprilAire offers evaporative and steam whole-home humidifiers that meet your family's needs and are suitable for your home. Be sure to ask an AprilAire professional to recommend a solution that is right for you. Find a professional to learn how to achieve total comfort in your home today.

Humidifiers are commonly used in homes to relieve the physical discomforts of dry nose, throat, lips, and skin. The moisture they add to dry air also helps alleviate common nuisances brought on by winter heating, such as static electricity, splitting woodwork and cracks in paint and furniture.


AprilAire Humidifier Benefits

Add moisture to your home’s air with a humidifier. Low humidity can cause dry eyes, dry throat, bloody noses, and other health problems. They can also save you money on your energy costs.

icon viruses
Protect Against Viruses
icon woodwork
Preserve Woodwork
icon bloody nose
Prevent Bloody Noses
icon static
Stop Static Shock
icon home structure
Preserve Home Structure
icon dry skin
Remedy Dry Skin

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