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Delivering Healthy Air since 1954 to help you feel better, sleep better, and live better. With solutions to manage all aspects of Indoor Air Quality for all types of homes in all environments, AprilAire is committed to helping you achieve a greater quality of life. Our whole-house signature solution — the AprilAire Healthy Air System® — provides all-in-one fresh air ventilation, air purification, humidity control, zoning control, radon mitigation, and sanitization which are all essential to maintaining proper IAQ. AprilAire has everything you need to test and mitigate radon, backed by industry-leading warranties and superior customer care from our knowledgeable team. AprilAire is Healthy Air.


AprilAire is the only company with a partner network large enough to not only test and mitigate radon but also help supply your home with fresh, clean, Healthy Air.


Test kits are inexpensive and easy to use, making radon testing as simple as changing an air filter.

Peace of Mind​

Proactively testing for radon once per year is a habit worth practicing, giving you and your family the sense of security you need.

An All-In-One Healthy Air Solution
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Fill your home with Healthy Air for improved virus protection, greater health, increased productivity, and better sleep with the all-in-one AprilAire Healthy Air System®.

What's Included:

  • Humidity Control
  • Radon Control
  • Fresh Air Ventilation
  • Controls and Zoning
  • Air Purification
  • UVC Sanitization

AprilAire Radon Mitigation Videos

Looking for more information on AprilAire Radon Mitigation? Below you will find various videos related to AprilAire Whole-House Radon Mitigation and the importance of testing for radon annually.

The Healthy Air App

The new AprilAire Healthy Air App is here! It's intuitive, easy-to-use, and optimized for reliability.

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Our Radon Mitigation Products

To mitigate the effects of radon, AprilAire Radon Control Professionals can install solutions designed to redirect harmful radon gas out and away from your home. See below for all of our radon mitigation products.

Radon Mitigation Solutions

Radon Blogs

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Establish a Healthy Home with AprilAire Healthy Air Professionals that care. We have over 4,500 pros nationwide who are ready to help you find the best Healthy Air solutions for your home, no matter what your needs may be. Start your journey with AprilAire.

  • Custom Evaluations and Expert Advice
  • Professional Installations and Maintenance
  • Fast and Friendly Local Service
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