Your satisfaction with Aprilaire whole-home indoor air quality solutions is our #1 priority.

It is the motivation behind every product we create and customer call we take. But don't take our word for it. Read what our customers are saying below. If you'd like to share your experience with Aprilaire, please submit a testimonial. Hear what people are saying about Aprilaire

  • 100% improvement of the air quality

    Since [N&M] installed an Aprilaire Whole House Dehumidifier in my home, there has been a 100% improvement of the air quality and humidity throughout my entire home. The dehumidifier is very easy to manage and operate, controlling the level of moisture in my home. Since the dehumidifier is installed in my attic, above my garage, it is quiet like a whispering machine.
    Henry A. Osprey

  • Wife with asthma, son with allergies

    I was delighted to receive the new model 5000 Electronic Air [Cleaner] system. The new system appealed to me because my wife has Asthma...I am sure this product will be a big winner for you as it has been for me...Since having it installed my wife breath[e]s and sleeps well...I am so pleased with the Model 5000 Electronic Air Cleaner system I recommended it to my manager who will also be purchasing your system. Another true test of the systems outstanding performance came on Friday, September 22, 2006, when the wind reached 45 miles per hour and was blowing dust and debris through the air. My son had gone out to mow the lawn and was overcome by the flying dust and debris. The wind had his allergies flared up. He immediately returned into the house and was elated when he stepped inside to breath[e] the clean air emitted by you[r] system. Again, I am extremely happy with the air [cleaner] system and pleased with the service your company provided. I am sure others will also be pleased with the results.
    Willie H.
    Elk Grove, CA

  • No more stuffy house with my Model 5000 Air Cleaner

    I love my Aprilaire products. They make my home very comfortable. We leave our home for a few months in the winter and go to Florida. Before I had the 5000 - when we would get back home in the spring the house would be very stuffy. But ever since I've had the 5000 installed I run it countinuously and when we get home - the house smells as nice as when we left. I am also very happy with the comfort my Aprilaire humidifier provides.
    Julie P.
    Williamsport, IN

  • Less cleaning with the Model 5000 Air Cleaner

    After the model 5000 was installed [we] had [our] maid’s hours cut in half.

  • Installed Air Cleaner filters for my beach home

    I like these filters so much I am having 2 installed [this] week in my beach home with heat pumps.
    Snellville, GA

  • Son with allergies - pleased with performance of Aprilaire Air Cleaner

    We have an Aprilaire 5000 installed in our system for our son's allergies. We have been very pleased with it's performance to date.
    Marlborough, MA

  • Own and recommend Aprilaire Humidifiers and Air Cleaner

    I own a number [of] aprilaire products and have recommended them to others (humidifier and air cleaner). I have been very satisfied with all of the products.
    Chelmsford, MA

  • Improved comfort - lower energy bills with Aprilaire Dehumidifiers

    It has tremendously improved the comfort level in our home. We have seen our energy bill drop because we don’t have to over cool the house in order to remove the humidity. Plus, our clothes are fresher and we don’t have mold growing on our shoes anymore.
    Unknown, FL

  • Fresh, clean air with a Model 5000 Air Cleaner

    Had a model 5000 installed when [I knew I] was getting [my] grandchild. The day it was installed he crawled over, put his nose right by the air vent and took a deep, deep breath in and at that point I knew why you call your product Aprilaire because that is what it make my air smell like”

  • Reduced airborne contaminants with an Aprilaire Air Cleaner

    We are extremely pleased with your product. It has greatly reduced airborne contaminants in our home. Thank you.

  • Aprilaire Air Cleaner makes a difference

    ...we "love our unit" if we could do a commercial for you guys we would...We just want to say "Thank you Aprilaire...we just really believe in your product, it has made a difference in our lives.

  • Recommend the Aprilaire Air Cleaner

    I appreciate your company's standards. I have recommended it to a group of over 400 as it has made quite a difference in my health

  • Very happy with the performance of the Model 5000 Air Cleaner

    Thanks very much...and my nose thanks you as well...we have been very happy with the performance of the 5000 Aprilaire unit so far...

  • Air Cleaner helps those with asthma

    Both my wife and daughter have asthma and do notice a difference without it running, your system works great for them. Thank you

  • No problems with cat dander with an Aprilaire Air Cleaner

    I love my Aprilaire. I have a cat and my family members that are allergic to cat dander can come into my house and not have any problems.

  • Insist on Aprilaire humidifiers

    I have moved twice now and insist on Aprilaire humidifiers and Space-Gard (now AA too) air cleaners in our house, recommending them all the time. I even bought units for my mother and brother as Christmas presents.
    Baltimore, MD

  • Only Genuine Aprilaire air filters will do

    The filter that I picked up obviously was not a true Aprilaire. As soon as I put it in it was a non-issue, not a problem at all. So I can thank you. I obviously got the real McCoy now and it works perfectly fine. The other one just caused a real issue and I'll have to return it. But I wanted to thank you.
    Toronto, ON

  • Son's Aprilaire Air Cleaner filter is important

    Thanks again, you were great. My son had a transplant, so this filter is very important to him.
    Madison, WI

  • Feel more comfortable with an Aprilaire Humidifier

    I first used Aprilaire some 30-35 years ago and have remembered it all these years. I am glad to have a new one in my current home and have recommended it to many of my friends. In this first month of use it has made a wonderful is more comfortable and needs less heat.
    Woodstock, CT

  • No more condensation thanks to our Aprilaire Dehumidifier

    The central de-humidifier has made a measurable difference. Most obviously, the basement furnace room pipes that had been dripping with condensation are now dry to the touch. Also, we have a small refrigerator that typically had condensation on its glass door. The door is now clear. The whole house feels drier and cooler. Thanks for the suggestion and installation of the Aprilaire unit.
    Concord, MA

  • Substantial improvement in air quality and dust with an Aprilaire Air Cleaner

    I wanted to pass on a comment about the air cleaner. It was installed 15 days ago and is the best investment we have made in this house. The previous air cleaner was a Honeywell and it never cleaned the air like the Aprilaire. Your product is superb. We have noticed a substantial improvement in air quality and dust. I wish we had purchased the filter years ago.
    Bloomfield, MI