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  • April 16, 2018

    Earth Day vs. Arbor Day: The difference and why they both matter

    Confused about why we need both Earth Day and Arbor Day? Well, for one, these aren’t just holidays that were invented to sell greeting cards. In fact, part of their goal is to reduce the number of greeting cards that are made and to recycle all the old ones. We have both of these holidays

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  • April 12, 2018

    Making A Difference on Earth Day

    Earth, it’s our home. And we—all 7.6 billion of us—share in the responsibility of keeping that home clean and in order. It may sound like an overwhelming challenge, but it becomes easier when everyone does their part. Earth Day, which is on April 22 this year, is the perfect time to reassess the resources we

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  • April 12, 2018

    Teach Kids About Rain Harvesting with this DIY Water Filter

    Water is as important to us as the air we breathe. Use this DIY water filter to teach your kids about rain harvesting.

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