Fresh Air Ventilation

Aprilaire Fresh Air Ventilators

Choose the right whole-house fresh air ventilator for your home. Everyone deserves to breathe Healthy Air.

Removes Pollutants
Removes Pollutants

Aprilaire ventilation dilutes airborne particles common in most homes.

Energy Saving
Ventilate and Save Energy

Save energy by bringing in air when the outdoor air is just right.

Reduces Humidity
Reduces Humidity

Push humid air outside by facilitating indoor air movement.


Why Choose Aprilaire

Aprilaire's ventilation systems help create healthy air in the home. By bringing in fresh air from the outside, we can dilute trapped airborne contaminants like allergens, chemicals, viruses and bacteria, and radon. Contaminants that can make you and your family ill. Ventilation systems also help push out trapped humid air outside to help improve indoor comfort and health. 

Beyond comfort and health, our ventilation systems are also energy-efficient. Each ventilation system has temperature and humidity sensors to determine the best time to bring in fresh air from the outside reducing energy usage. In addition, the 8145 was recently awarded Most Efficient 2020 by ENERGY STAR®  recognizing the product's innovation and energy-efficiency. 

Fresh air ventilation systems are recommended by ASHRAE and required by California Energy Commission Title 24. All of Aprilaire's ventilation equipment meets the requirements of 2012, 2015, and 2018 International Residential Code and 2012, 2015, and 2018 International Energy Conservation Code. Ventilation is also considered an important tool in reducing airborne pollutants in indoor air by the National Center for Biotechnology Information of the National Institute of Health.

Our Ventilation

In an effort to makes homes more energy-efficient, building techniques have focused primarily on sealing up new homes. This has severely limited the home's ability to ventilate outdoor air inwards and stale indoor air outwards. 

Fresh air ventilation systems dilute and replenish the stale dangerous air in your home and are highly customizable, controllable, and affordable.

It can be used in conjunction with our Healthy Air System™ to reduce the proliferation of airborne viruses such as the flu, common cold, and COVID-19. 

Home Structure
Impede Mold &
Mildew Growth
Clear Away Allergens
& Asthma Triggers
Control Unwanted
Odors in the Home
Reduce Dust and
Dirt Around House
Healthy Air System

The Aprilaire Healthy Air System provides fresh air ventilation, air purification and humidity control to fill your home with fresh, clean, Healthy Air.

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Out Pollutants

Aprilaire ventilation systems reduce the concentration of pollutants in your home, which can be 5 times greater inside your home than outside. *Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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The WHO’s New Air Quality Guidelines: By the Numbers

The World Health Organization (WHO) released new air quality guidelines in 2021, with the aim of providing a better understanding of the impact of air pollution.

Guide to Aprilaire Air Purifiers – Healthy Air Solutions to Fit Your Needs

No matter if you live in a house or an apartment, you want your living space to be filled with fresh, healthy air solutions. And Aprilaire wants to help you get there with our guide to air filtration solutions.

Mechanical Ventilation and Vaccinations Recommended Against Variants

Ventilation and vaccinations are also recommended by the ASHRAE and the CDC to reduce the risk factor of airborne viruses and their variants.

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