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Help your home exhale the bad air. AprilAire Whole-House Fresh Air Ventilation Systems dilute trapped indoor air full of airborne contaminants like allergens, chemicals, viruses, and bacteria. In addition, AprilAire Fresh Air Ventilation Systems help push trapped stale air outside by facilitating indoor air movement. Bring fresh air into your whole home to dilute all the pollutants that could be present. And since AprilAire Fresh Air Ventilation connect to your home’s HVAC system, it’s like your entire house is inhaling a deep breath of cleansing, Healthy Air.

Why Choose AprilAire

Delivering Healthy Air since 1954 to help you feel better, sleep better, and live better. With solutions to manage all aspects of Indoor Air Quality for all types of homes in all environments, AprilAire is committed to helping you achieve a greater quality of life. Our whole-house signature solution—the AprilAire Healthy Air System®—provides all-in-one fresh air ventilation, air purification, humidity control, zoning control, radon mitigation, and sanitization which are all essential to maintaining proper IAQ. AprilAire Ventilation Systems determine the best time to bring in fresh air from the outside, reducing energy usage, and are considered an important tool in reducing airborne pollutants indoors. AprilAire is Healthy Air.

Healthy Air System

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Healthy Air! Find out why.

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The State of Your Air

How do the elements in your region impact the air in your home?

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AprilAire - Protect Your Home

Protect Your Home

Protect yourself and your family from airborne contaminants by helping your home inhale the good air and exhale the bad air.

AprilAire - Protection from VOCs

Protect from VOCs

Ventilation dilutes harmful volatile organic compounds and manages odors by bringing in fresh, outdoor air.

AprilAire - Comfort


Ventilation provides the comfortable and efficient delivery of fresh air throughout the home.

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The new AprilAire Healthy Air App is here! It's intuitive, easy-to-use, and optimized for reliability.

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Whole-House Ventilation Models

AprilAire Fresh Air Ventilation solutions work primarily with forced air heating and cooling systems, and bring fresh, Healthy Air into homes of all sizes and degrees of envelope tightness. See below for our full line of fresh air ventilation models.

AprilAire Ventilation Videos

Looking for more information on AprilAire Ventilation? Below you will find various videos related to AprilAire whole-house ventilation systems and the benefits of bringing fresh air into the home.

Why you need

The AprilAire Healthy Air System®

We tend to forget what lingers in our air. The AprilAire Healthy Air System® is your one-stop, all-purpose investment toward a greater quality of life. Providing fresh air ventilation, air filtration, humidity control, zoning control, radon mitigation, and sanitization, the AprilAire Healthy Air System® provides effective virus protection and year-round defense from allergens, mold spores, bacteria, pet dander, and more. Fill your home with Healthy Air today and achieve greater overall wellness.

AprilAire Fresh Air Ventilator

Powered Damper & Filter | Model 8145/8145NC/8145K

The AprilAire 8145 Fresh Air Ventilator is designed to bring in precisely the right amount of outdoor air into today’s efficient homes. Integrated controls allow the ventilator to be hardwired. Powered damper is removable. Washable MERV 6 filter included.

Building a Healthy Home with

Proper Ventilation

Indoor Air Quality is comprised of four main elements: humidity, temperature, air purity, and ventilation. Whether you’re building, renovating, or simply trying to maintain a Healthy Home, use these blueprints to help you raise a happier, healthier household at any point in your family’s home’s journey.

When is Flu Season? One Easy Way to Win the War Against Winter Viruses

When is flu season? It starts earlier each year! Protect yourself from flu spread and RSV season with Healthy Air for best-in-class virus and RSV prevention.

An Update on Indoor Air Quality from the Project Sustainability Podcast

Hosted by a team of experts in sustainability and environmentalism, the Project Sustainability Podcast aims to educate and entertain listeners about a wide range of topics related to the environment.

Healthy Air Month at AprilAire

Although it’s always Healthy Air season with AprilAire, during the month of April especially we want to recognize all the benefits of optimizing your home environment with Indoor Air Quality solutions.

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