Odor Removal

Remove Odors From the Home

Capture odors with an odor air purifier

Odors are tiny airborne particles and just like other airborne components, they need to be handled in the same way.

Our homes are constantly filled with odors from cooking, volatile organic compounds, pets, and tobacco smoke. Without the proper solutions in place, these odors can linger in the air creating a mix of unpleasant smells. 

Using scented air sprays or candles just masks these stale odors and does not actually solve the issue. Additionally, sprays and candles can actually release harmful volatile organic compounds into your home's air too. 

Instead of just masking your home's odors, let's freshen up your home'sair and solve your odor issues with AprilAire.

Remove Odor With AprilAire

Odor Removal Solutions for the Entire Home

An AprilAire whole-home air purifier pulls the stale air that flows through your home's return vent. The air filter inside the air purifier captures the airborne particulates like odors before they circulate back into your home. The AprilAire MERV 13+ air filter is specifically designed and recommended for our whole-home air purifier to capture odors from pets, cooking, volatile organic compounds, and tobacco. Capturing these airborne particulates makes sure the air that's coming back through is healthy and fresh. The AprilAire Whole-Home Air Purifier also captures airborne viruses.

An AprilAire Fresh Air Ventilator is another great option to remove odor from the home. The whole-home system exhales bad and inhales good air.  As air is brought inside the home, it goes through an air filter. This ensures that your home's odor-filled air is replaced by fresh, clean air. 

Odor Removal Solutions for Shared Spaces

If you're living in a smaller space like an apartment, dorm room, or assisted living center, AprilAire has a portable odor air purifier to help capture odors. With a 4-stage filtration, the portable air purifier with a True HEPA air filter captures odors from pets, cooking, and tobacco smoke within 495 square feet. 

Get Odor Removal From A Pro

Contact a local Healthy Air Pro to remove odors from your home with one of the whole-home Healthy Air solutions. The portable air purifier can be installed without any assistance and directly ordered from

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