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Remove Odor From the Home

Capture odor with an odor air purifier

Let's clear the air. Your house stinks. Whether it's the pets, the cooking, or a number of other things, you're ready to remove odors from your home.

Using scented air sprays or candles just masks the odors in your home. It does not actually solve the issue. Plus, those sprays and candles can actually release harmful VOCs into your home's air. 

With all homes, odors tend to linger and they are a microcosm of the air in your home. Instead of just covering it up, let's actually capture odor particulates and help make the air in your home fresh and clean again. 


How Aprilaire Can Help With Remove Odor From the Home

Odors are just airborne particulates. Some of the odors in your home are from cooking, your pets, or other volatile organic compounds being released in the air. These different odors linger in the air and need to be captured and changed out. 

An Aprilaire odor air purifier captures odors that flow through its filtering system. The air purifier then changes out that stale air in the home to help provide fresh, clean air back in the home. We have a number of odor air purifiers to choose from that fit your home and budget. 

An Aprilaire odor air filter can help capture those lingering odors in the air. Find the right Aprilaire odor air filter to pair with your odor air purifier. 

Clear the air with an Aprilaire odor air purifier and odor air filter for odor removal. 


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