Problems on the Path to Total Comfort

Do not settle for uncomfortable indoor air

Home sweet home. There’s no better place, right?

You've spent so much time making it comfortable and inviting for your family and guests. But to achieve Total Comfort you need to take into account all aspects of your indoor air. 

Ensuring total indoor comfort includes indoor air so making sure your humidity is properly controlled. 

Without it, your house is a breeding ground for nuisances that can range from annoying to painful.

Making sure the air is properly moisturized can help eliminate these concerns such as dry skin, chronic dry throat, dry mouth, and dry eyes. While they may seem like small annoyances, this is your home and everything should be just right.

Plus, improperly humidified air makes you and your family more susceptible to airborne viruses, static shocks, and pests.  

Adding a ventilation system and a whole-home air purifier will also help you eliminate any lingering odors due to pets, cooking, or volatile organic compounds. 

With our Aprilaire WiFi Thermostat app and thermostats, you can control the air to adjust the comfort to your exact needs. 

See how total comfort feels with the help of Aprilaire. 

Common problems standing between you and Total Comfort include:





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