Benefit From Controlling Your Indoor Air

Indoor Air Quality

IAQ affects your home and health

Your home is your sanctuary. You've cultivated a healthy environment for your family. But did you know maintaining the indoor air in your home is just as important as eating well, getting enough rest, and exercising?

In fact, your indoor can contain harmful airborne pollutants that can impact your health such as airborne viruses, airborne bacteria, allergens, and volatile organic compounds. 

The measurement of your indoor air is Indoor Air Quality or IAQ,  which refers to the condition of air in your home.

It consists of Temperature  |  Humidity   |  Air Purity   |  Air Freshness

Poor IAQ is due to a variety of factors and multiple sources. Those factors and sources include poor ventilation, inefficient equipment, and humidity levels. 

You Can Help Protect Your Family from Poor Indoor Air Quality

Your family deserves a healthy home environment. Aprilaire can help you identify sources of poor IAQ and provide the right whole-home solutions for your home and family.

Improving your home's indoor air will help increase your health, home preservation, and energy-efficiency. 

See all the ways Aprilaire can help with your home's indoor air.




Healthy Air: Help solve itchy dry skin, annoying static shocks, and other uncomfortable situations.

Health: Battle the contaminants that lead to everything from minor sinus irritations to severe health complications.

Home: Protect your home from warped floors, mold, mildew, and pests. 

Energy Savings: Save on energy costs with whole-home solutions.



Aprilaire—Your Partner in Improving Indoor Air Quality


Aprilaire has been solving indoor air quality problems since 1954. Our products work with all brands of heating and cooling equipment.

Plus, we partner with industry-leading contractors to give you peace of mind during and after installation. 



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