For most homeowners, the cost of heating and cooling is their #1 ongoing expense.

Aprilaire thermostats can save energy through the use of convenient set-back programming. Controlling humidity levels in your home can allow you to feel comfortable while you use your heating and cooling system less often. And controlling air purity can help keep your heating and cooling equipment running at top efficiency. And did you know that you can zone your home to direct the proper heating and cooling to specific areas and can limit heating and cooling in areas where and when it's not needed?

Iphone TemperatureYou Must Address Indoor Air Quality to Build a Green Home

Advancements in building technology, while good for saving energy and money, have led to an increase in poor indoor air quality—houses don't breathe like they used to. This is why every green certification program, whether local or national, not only addresses energy efficiency but also health and sustainability.

Aprilaire's whole-home indoor air quality solutions are designed to work together to use energy as efficiently as possible. At the same time, they help you achieve the comfort, health and home sustainability benefits you need.

Controlling all aspects of indoor air quality helps qualify your home for the Green-Built Certification Program of the National Association of Home Builders:

  • Humidity: Aprilaire Whole-Home Dehumidifiers help qualify your home for the Green-Built Certification Program by removing excess moisture. This helps protect your home and your family’s health from the damaging effects of mildew and mold.  Aprilaire Whole-Home Humidifiers help qualify your home for the Green-Built Certification Program by ensuring your entire home has just the right amount of moisture. This helps prevent premature aging of your home’s structure. It can also protect your family against respiratory infections by reducing the growth of viruses and bacteria.
  • Fresh Air: Aprilaire Whole-Home Ventilation Systems help qualify your home for the Green-Built Certification Program by bringing in fresh air, while expelling harmful polluted air. This protects your family from breathing in high concentrations of toxic contaminants such as formaldehyde, radon, smoke and VOCs.
  • Air Purity: Aprilaire Whole-Home Air Purifiers help qualify your home for the Green-Built Certification Program by reducing harmful airborne contaminants such as bacteria, mold and pollen. This helps prevent the onset of asthma and allergy symptoms.
  • Temperature: Aprilaire programmable thermostats and Zoned Temperature Control help qualify your home for the Green-Built Certification Program by helping you control the temperature where you need it, when you need it— saving you up to 30% on heating and cooling costs.

Aprilaire Wi-Fi Thermostats with ​IAQ Control provide the most convenient and accurate control of temperature. Simple programming allows you to save energy while you're away and be comfortable when you need it; all on you schedule. With the app you can easily control temperature anywhere from your mobile device. The app also allows you to control other installed Aprilaire IAQ products for optimum humidity, fresh air ventilation and air purity and keeps you up-to-date about changing climate conditions in your home.

Aprilaire Offers an Intelligent Path to Residential Energy Efficiency and Total Comfort

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