AprilAire Solutions for Air Quality in the Northwest

Hazy mountain ranges, miles of gorgeous coast, and rainy days are a travelers' paradise—the Northwest is home, and you’ll do anything to defend it.

But environmental factors that are out of your control threaten to damage the safe haven you’ve created.

What’s the best way to keep your home safe and your family healthy? It all starts with Healthy Air.

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Northwestern Air Quality:
What’s the Impact?

Common Air Quality Threats

Like other parts of the country, your air quality in the Northwest is affected by common threats like wildfires, allergens, and flooding.

Average Temperature Range

The climate in the Northwest can vary from place to place. Summers are short, warm, and dry, winters are long, cold, and wet with an average temperature range of 12°F to 77°F each year.

Average Annual Precipitation

The beautiful mountain ranges in the Northwest create an east-west precipitation gradient that produces both wet and dry areas with an average of 21 to 75 inches of rain each year.

Dry Season

If you live in the Northwest, you won’t experience much humid weather. Summer months feel warmer and dryer than other parts of the country and the drier climate can leave the region more susceptible to wildfires.

At Risk for Wildfires

The risk of wildfires and wildfire smoke is high in the Northwest. Excessive amounts of smoke can pollute the outdoor air for miles, eventually entering your home and impacting your home.

Healthy Air Solutions for the Northwest

air cleaner product

Air Purification

Capture airborne viruses, allergens, and asthma triggers, and reduce odors from cooking and pets.

ventilation product

Fresh Air Ventilation

Dilute trapped indoor air and bring fresh, clean air into your home.

dehumidifier product


Stay protected from the effects of mold and pests by reducing moisture.

radon product

Radon Tests and Fans

Identify and redirect harmful radon gas from your home with testing and mitigation solutions.

An All-In-One Healthy Air Solution

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Fill your home with Healthy Air for improved virus protection, greater health, increased productivity, and better sleep with the all-in-one AprilAire Healthy Air System®.

What's Included:

  • Humidity Control
  • Radon Control
  • Fresh Air Ventilation
  • Controls and Zoning
  • Air Purification
  • UVC Sanitization

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Environments and Air Quality

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