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How Smart Thermostats Create a Healthy Home Environment

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  Creating a Healthy Air environment in your home is great for your family, and can save you money on energy costs over time. One way to make the process even more beneficial is to automate the systems that control your temperature, humidity level, and air quality. AprilAire Wi-Fi thermostats are designed with your health... Read more »

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Customers and health experts alike know the benefits of Healthy Air.
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What Causes Static Shocks in the Winter?

  As soon as the temperatures drop, the snow starts falling, and the furnace kicks in, you may start noticing a lot more static shocks as you move around your home. Why are static shocks so common in the wintertime? Let’s review some common sources of static shocks this time of year, and find out... Read more »

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Don’t Let Pests Haunt Your Home This Fall

In addition to compromising your home's structures, pests can also impact your safety by introducing infectious diseases and waste.


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