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Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for the Whole Family

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When your new year's resolutions align with the rest of your family, the chances of seeing them through greatly improve.

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Customers and health experts alike know the benefits of Healthy Air.
covid-19 variants
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COVID-19 Variants No Problem for Healthy Air System

Several COVID-19 variants have popped up across the globe and are causing panic among health officials. These mutations are alleged to transmit more easily than previous mutations and are expected to place extra pressure on an already flimsy healthcare system. COVID-19 continues to be spread by shared indoor air. Infected aerosols are generated by a... Read more »

Healthy Home
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Healthy Home for a New Year

Whether your home is brand new or generations old, you can ensure a Healthy Home for you and your family by taking the necessary steps.

dirty indoor air
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How Dirty Indoor Air Spreads Illness

Microscopic dust particles can act just like moisture droplets and serve as vehicles for viruses possibly increasing transmission in dirty indoor air.


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