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Basement Waterproofing Affects The Entire Home

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Healthy Foundations

Protect What Matters with Humidity Control

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Healthy Foundations

Basements and Crawl Spaces Require Proper Sealing Solutions

Crawl Space and Basement Waterproofing

We all know the smell of an old basement. And that smell is usually paired with stagnant air and sneeze-inducing mildew. It’s time to take back your basement and crawl space. Aprilaire dehumidifiers, combined with basement waterproofing or crawl space encapsulation, create a healthy foundation that you’ll feel and enjoy throughout your home.

Healthy Air Ecosystem

The air in your basement and crawl space can impact the entire home. It’s important in the overall Healthy Air ecosystem, but it’s only part of the story. Balanced humidity, purified air, ventilation, and temperature control, all greatly contribute to the overall comfort and health of your home environment.


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HealthyFoundations-01 Basement Waterproofing

Air that starts in the basement can flow throughout the entire home. That’s an issue when the basement is filled with humidity, mold, and pests. The solution? Basement Waterproofing and humidity control.

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HealthyFoundations-02 Crawl Space Encapsulation

Take on high humidity with a one-two punch. Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air, and a proper encapsulation keeps additional moisture from seeping in. Seal things up for a healthy humidity.

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HealthyFoundations-03 Pest Management

Don’t let unwanted pests get cozy in your home. Termites, insects, and rodents are drawn to warm, humid basements and crawl spaces. This can cause structural damage, waste buildup, and even make a home unsafe.

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Keys to Basement Waterproofing

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Real Talk: Tips from Healthy Air Hero Brandon Engen of Dave Jones, Inc.

We interviewed a Healthy Air Professional from Dave Jones, Inc. to get expert advice on how to maintain Healthy Humidity in your home.

Finishing Your Basement – Things to Consider

Finishing your basement can add value to your home, create extra living space for a growing family, and let you earn extra income by renting it out as an apartment.

Breathe the Fullness of Life: Tips from a Healthy Air Hero

We interview Aprilaire Healthy Air Hero, Scott Merritt, to get expert advice intended to help people Breathe the Fullness of Life with Healthy Humidity.

The Aprilaire Healthy Air System™

Fresh Air Ventilation

Think of your fresh air ventilation system as your home’s own set of lungs. It inhales fresh, outdoor air, and exhales stagnant, polluted indoor air. This helps dilute and remove contaminants so you can breathe easy at home.

Aprilaire ventilation equipment meets the requirements of the International Residential Code as well as the International Energy Conservation Code.

Air Filtration

A whole-home air purification system—paired with the right air filters, of course—can capture up to 96%* of airborne particles the size of viruses while reducing other even smaller contaminants from lingering in your home.

Aprilaire whole-home purification systems offer intuitive event-based cleaning, which ensures your family always enjoys Healthy Air.

Humidity Control

It’s important to keep your home’s humidity between 30% and 60%. Depending on which you’re looking to combat—dry or damp air—whole-home humidification as well as whole-home dehumidification can help you keep a healthy home.

That said, different regions have different household humidity needs, and the Aprilaire Healthy Air System can be customized to match your climate.

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