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Experiencing Wi-Fi Connection Problems? We’ve Got You Covered.

Download the AprilAire Aire Care App (available for iOS and Android mobile devices) to help analyze any internet and connectivity issues you may encounter with your home network. Keep your home's Healthy Air on track with AprilAire Aire Care.

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AprilAire Aire Care App

What Is Aire Care?


At AprilAire, we strive to ensure that every customer has the best possible experience with our smart Indoor Air Quality products. Unfortunately, there may be times when you experience issues with setting up or keeping your device connected to the internet which can happen with any Wi-Fi compatible product.

With just a few taps of your screen, Aire Care completes the tests required to identify the potential causes of connectivity issues so you can take action and go back to enjoying your AprilAire solution to the fullest!



How Does It Work?

Aire Care features a network scan (analysis) which scans and collects up to 152 points of data in a 2-minute scan. It filters all the data collected, identifies the top issues, and provides those issues in an Assistant Card format. Each Assistant Card provides information on the issue and what to do next to resolve it.

1. Download

Download the app and stand next to your AprilAire Thermostat

2. Features

Within the app, navigate to the Features page

3. Network Scan

Select Network Scan - You can also choose photo or video sharing if working with a live AprilAire support agent

4. Improve Network Health

Once the Network Scan is complete, click on Improve Network Health to review any issues identified and follow the instructions to resolve



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