Wi-Fi Thermostat Works With Amazon Alexa

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Wi-Fi Thermostat Works With Amazon Alexa

Alexa makes it easier than ever to have a healthy home.

Check out the simple steps below to pair your AprilAire device with Alexa.

How an AprilAire Wi-Fi Thermostat Works With Amazon Alexa

Before enabling your Amazon Alexa Skill, you need to have an AprilAire Wi-Fi Thermostat account.

Enable the Skill on Your Device

1. Open the Alexa App on your device
2 Select "Skills" from the Navigation menu
3. Search for AprilAire
4. Select the AprilAire skill and "Enable Skill"
5. Enter your credentials for your AprilAire account and select "Accept"
6. Select "Discover Devices"
7. Verify that your thermostat name is displayed, then press the back arrow (Tip: If your thermostat name does not display, see below)
8. You are now ready to use your AprilAire thermostat with your Alexa device.
9. For even more voice commands, enable AprilAire Plus skills.

How to Change Your Thermostat Name from the AprilAire App

In the event that you are having issues discovering devices or enabling the AprilAire skill, you may need to change the name of your thermostat.

1. Open the side Navigation menu
2. Select "Locations"
3. Hit the right arrow for the location that the thermostat was assigned to
4. Select the thermostat you want to change the name of (Tip: Highlight the name by pressing on the name, do not hit the right arrow)
5. Select "Edit"
6. Enter in the new thermostat name and press "Done" or "Save"

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