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Pair Amazon Alexa’s Skills with Your AprilAire Wi-Fi Thermostats

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Alexa can do some pretty cool things – order a pizza, check airport security wait times, help you tune your guitar, and even tell you what’s up on Mars. Alexa’s skill set grows daily and users are always finding exciting new products and services to work with. Now you can pair Amazon Alexa’s skills with AprilAire.

Pair Amazon Alexa’s Skills with Your Wi-Fi Thermostat

From your fingertips, to the tip of your lips: whole-home Indoor Air Quality is in your control with AprilAire. With our Wi-Fi thermostats you can pair Amazon’s Alexa’s skills to maximize the comfort in your home. All you have to do is speak up!

Pair Amazon Alexa’s Skills For A Cozy Night In

Perhaps cuddling up under a blanket on the couch during movie time has made it a little warm – just say:

  • “Alexa decrease the Family Room temperature by 3 degrees.”

If your spouse gets chilly, she can raise it back up.

  • “Alexa, raise the temperature by 5 degrees.”

Unfortunately, comfort is fairly subjective so if you get an argument over the ideal temperature, Alexa can’t help. If that’s the case, maybe it would better if your next romantic night was a night out.

Pair Amazon Alexa’s Skills for A Fun Night Out

AprilAire Wi-Fi Thermostats also allow you to activate “Away” mode – saving money by reducing heating or cooling costs during a much needed surprise date night! It works by setting the thermostat to a preset temperature until you turn the mode off. This way, you can bypass your usual schedule with just one touch on your smart phone device. When you arrive back home from that fine French restaurant – or the new burger joint – just turn off “Away” mode and your usual schedule will resume.

If you really need to get away, “Vacation” mode allows you to place a hold until a date of your choosing. You’ll save money while you’re away – but can still come home to a cozy house!

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