Zoning Panels

Zoning Panels

A multizone thermostat to monitor room temperature

Zoning panels act as a multizone thermostat to help alleviate the comfort issues that range from room-to-room. Your home is a complicated living environment and a central thermostat can only do so much to monitor room temperature. 

There could be multiple reasons behind the issue. Vents might be closed or non-existent, one room's foundation could be cracked letting in air, or it could be a dirty air filter. 

Zoning panels are installed and act as a regional multizone thermostat so you can better adjust and control the temperature in your home. 

It's great for your energy costs since it only works when it's needed, but it also helps create a regulated temperature throughout the home. If someone runs hot and another runs cold, then they can find a zone within their optimal range as opposed to constantly adjusting the thermostat. 

How AprilAire Zoning Panels Work To Monitor Room Temperature

AprilAire Zoned Temperature Control is a system of thermostats, electronically connected to the AprilAire Model 6504 control panel located near your heating and cooling system.

The Model 6504 panel shares information between thermostats and opens and closes dampers located in the system ductwork to control heating and cooling in each zone and serves as a multizone thermostat. Conditioned air is distributed where you need it, when you need it, making you and your family more comfortable and saving you money by using less energy for heating and cooling needs.

Achieve total comfort throughout your home with zoning panels. 


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