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State-of-the-art solutions for Temperate & IAQ control

The industry’s first full line of WiFi thermostats and zone panels integrated with IAQ control.


Proper control of the indoor climate is more than just a number on the wall. Ensuring temperatures are even across the homes you build, and all aspects of air quality are controlled is essential to delivering a Healthy Home.

Connect IAQ Control

Providing homebuyers peace-of-mind that their home is healthy and protected requires offering convenient and simplistic control. Provide your homebuyers the ability to control all configurations of heating/cooling and IAQ accessories including Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Air Cleaner, and Ventilator. All installed products are conveniently controlled from the Aprilaire Wi-Fi Thermostats App, available on Android and Apple devices. Aprilaire is also a leading integrator with home automation companies.

Offer complete, connected control of indoor air with Aprilaire.





Smart Home Solution Partners



Smart Home Solution Partners




Zoned Control


Tightly built homes preserve energy goals by preventing the infiltration of outside air throughout the entire house. Temperature control demands inside the house can still vary. Uneven temperatures between the upstairs and downstairs can cause HVAC equipment to heat or cool areas of the home that don’t need it.

The only place where the temperature matches the thermostat is at the thermostat. Heat rises, leaving your first floor cool and the second floor hot. Cool air settles into your basement. Windows to the south soak up the sun, while harsh winds cool the north side of the house. Add in some of today's most-desired home-design features (higher ceilings, larger rooms, more natural light) and the problem worsens.

Aprilaire Zone Comfort Control uses our line of robust dampers, zone panels, and thermostats to provide a cost-effective solution for true temperature control.









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Benefits of Aprilaire Zoning Include:



 • Job-site efficiency – Installation and set up is designed for fast and inexpensive installation by HVAC contractors


 • Top-of-the-line control – Zoning solutions can be used with the full line of Aprilaire Thermostats and the Aprilaire Thermostat app for control via a mobile device. Control of any zone from anywhere!


 • HVAC compatibility - Works with all brands of forced-air heating and cooling equipment that do not require a proprietary control.




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