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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Control indoor air pollutants to prevent sick building syndrome

Indoor air quality is a metric to measure the health of your indoor air. If your indoor air is full of indoor air pollutants then your Indoor Air Quality is bad. On the other hand, if it's healthy, then the Indoor Air Quality is good. 

Combatting indoor air pollutants is a common issue for most homeowners. Sick building syndrome is the result of volatile organic compounds from indoor products like paint or indoor activities like cooking. These volatile organic compounds can make you sick and can cause serious illnesses such as cancer.

For example, office workers were placed in separate rooms in which one room had a dirty carpet and the other did not. Researchers found that workers who were placed in the cleaner room felt better and were more productive than those in the dirty room. Other such experiments have led to similar conclusions about the impact that poor Indoor Air Quality can have on our health and comfort. 

Over time, poor Indoor Air Quality can have an effect on our creativity and productivity. While most airborne irritants are hard to see, it's easy to feel their negative effects on us. 

See how AprilAire can help improve your home's Indoor Air Quality. 

How AprilAire Can Help Increase Your Home's IAQ

AprilAire has a litany of health air solutions to remedy poor Indoor Air Quality or IAQ. Air purifiers and ventilation products can help dilute the presence of indoor air pollutants that can leave you feeling foggy or under the weather. Humidifier and dehumidifiers can also help remove or add humidity from your home. Humidity control also plays an important role in maintaining proper Indoor Air Quality. 

For the most effective solution to your Indoor Air Quality needs, an AprilAire Healthy Air System offers a comprehensive and multi-pronged approach to keep indoor air pollutants that cause indoor viruses at bay. 

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