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Optimal Home Humidity

Controlling your home's humidity to preserve and protect

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, Air-Conditioning Engineers and AprilAire recommend keeping your home's humidity in the optimal home humidity range of 40-60 percent. Moisture levels that fall outside of this Healthy Humidity range can result in damage to your home’s structure and furnishings. 

What happens to my home in dry air?

Dry air sucks the moisture from your home and its wooden furnishings. Over time, these wooden structures will crack and split leaving your home’s foundation, furniture, and musical instruments permanently damaged. 

What happens to my home in moist air?

On the other hand, air that’s too moist seeps into your home’s structure and wooden furnishings. Over time, this can leave your wooden structures warped, rotted, and permanently damaged. Humid air is also susceptible to mold growth. If not treated, it can penetrate your wooden structures leaving you no choice but replacement. Lastly, moist, humid air in your home is nothing but an open invitation for termites, cockroaches, and ants. 

How can I maintain optimal home humidity?

Monitoring and controlling your home’s humidity is as important to your home’s preservation as it is to your health and comfort. AprilAire's humidity control products—whole-house dehumidifiers and whole-house humidifiers—make maintaining optimal home humidity simple and energy-efficient. Our simple maintenance and convenient monitoring can help you keep an eye on your home’s humidity levels in undetected areas—like your basement and crawlspace— throughout your home. 

If you would like your home to have optimal humidity, please contact an AprilAire Healthy Air professional today. You can search for a professional in the upper search bar using your local zip code or city.

Common issues for home's with improper humidity:

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