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Wood Furniture Preservation

Humidity and Wood Furniture

Control indoor moisture for wooden furniture preservation

Making wooden furniture melds fine-tuning and craftsmanship to make unique pieces. These pieces are built-to-last and can be handed down for generations. As much as they are a chair, they are a family heirloom. 

Keeping these pieces intact as long as possible, also requires fine-tuning and craftsmanship by an Aprilaire humidifier. 

Humidity can present its own set of unique problems with wood furniture. Dry air can crack pieces. While air that's too moist can make your home susceptible to pests and warp and rot pieces. 

Just like when you're either shopping or making furniture, you have to find the right balance. 

See how an Aprilaire humidifier or an Aprilaire wood dehumidifier can help with wood furniture preservation. 

How Aprilaire Can Help with Wood Furniture Preservation

Both Aprilaire's wood humidifier and wood dehumidifier come backed with a 5-year warranty and an easy to read digital display. This makes it easy to control humidity and preserve wooden furniture. 

While the warranty may not be able to be passed down for generations, an Aprilaire humidity control system will help keep your wood furniture protected from humidity. 

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