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Wood Furniture Preservation

Wood Furniture Preservation from Humidity Issues

Control indoor moisture for wooden furniture preservation

Making wooden furniture melds fine-tuning and craftsmanship to make unique pieces. These pieces are built-to-last, but extreme fluctuations in indoor moisture due to seasonal or regional climates can damage your wood furniture

A common example is your home's doors. In the summer months of high humidity, your door swells and does not close completely. But during the winter months, that same door shrinks. The same swelling and shrinking that occurs in that door are also happening to your wood furniture. 



Dry indoor air, a common issue during the cold months of winter, sucks the moisture from your wood furniture. This can cause your wood furniture to split or crack. 

In high humidity, your wood swells and eventually can warp and rot. Pests and mold are also threats to your wood furniture. 

Keeping these pieces intact requires maintaining balance with humidity control products from AprilAire. 

How AprilAire Can Help with Wood Furniture Preservation

At AprilAire, we understand the importance of quality craftsmanship. AprilAire has been there since the beginning by introducing the first whole-home humidifier in 1954. Since then, we've continued to focus on quality design, engineering, and manufacturing to deliver Healthy Humidity to every home. 

Our whole-house humidity control products — AprilAire Dehumidifier and AprilAire Humidifier — have intuitive digital controls for easy monitoring and convenient control of your home's humidity. 

Spend less time worrying about if your home's relative humidity levels are properly balanced between 40-60% and more time enjoying your wood furniture. Our humidity control products work hard so you don't have to. 

To get the right humidity control products installed in your home, contact a local AprilAire Healthy Air Pro today.


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