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Control Instrument Humidity

Instrument Humidifier

Control indoor moisture to preserve musical instruments

Musical instruments are beautifully handcrafted one-of-a-kind works of art. They're definitely something you want to protect and preserve for as long as possible.

Humidity is one of the biggest enemies of instruments especially guitars, pianos, and woodwind instruments. 

Dry air can leave your musical instruments cracked. Moist air can warp and rot your instruments. No matter your humidity issues, your instrument without proper controls can be damaged or even destroyed. 

Keeping your humidity levels properly maintained can help you maintain the right sound for your instruments like your guitar, piano, and other wooden instruments. As all musicians know, even just a simple change in structure can create major tonal issues. 

See how Aprilaire can help with your instrument's humidity issues. 

How Aprilaire Can Help With the Right Instrument Humidifier

We add moisture and take away moisture in our homes constantly. An Aprilaire instrument humidifier can help you maintain the right humidity levels in your home to leave your instruments protected and preserved. With an easy-to-read digital display, you can help make sure that your instruments are maintained for years to come. 

Whether it's a piano, a guitar, or clarinet, an Aprilaire humidifier is there. 

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