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Protecting Wood Table

Protecting Wood Table from Humidity Issues

How to protect wood table from table humidity

A wood table is a reminder of home. It's the place to gather around for family dinner, to have important talks, and to have fun. A wood table can be there for several generations of family dinners and heated card games.

Humidity is an ongoing issue that can wreak havoc on our wooden furniture including wood tables. 

Outside the optimal range of 40-60 percent relative humidity, wood is prone to cracking, rotting, and warpage.

To protect your wood table, make sure the room it is being stored in is humidified properly. Moist air can help harbor pests, mold, and mildew, which can create irreparable damage. 

Protect your wood table is with an Aprilaire humidity control product. 

How Aprilaire Can Help Protect Wood Tables

Dry and moist air are symptoms of humidity control problems. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine humidity issues before they are too late. 

Protect wood tables from humidity issues before they arise with the help of Aprilaire. Both our humidifier and dehumidifiers come with a 5-year warranty, an easy-to-read digital display, and humidity sensors so you can keep your humidity between the optimal range of 40-60 percent. This will help protect your wood table from rotting, cracking, or warping. 

Help protect your wood table with Aprilaire so it can be at the center of more family gatherings. 

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