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Why Choose AprilAire

Recognized as ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient for 2022, AprilAire's high-capacity, whole-home dehumidifiers set the standard for humidity control and energy efficiency. Look for the ENERGY STAR® symbol on the dehumidifiers that qualify for rebates. With intuitive digital controls, you can easily set and control the moisture inside your home to reduce harmful airborne contaminants that impact your home's health, comfort, and structure. Each dehumidifier is designed and manufactured in the USA and is outfitted with corrosion-resistant coils and a sturdy design to prevent leakage. Additionally, each unit comes backed by a 5-year warranty. Since 1954, AprilAire has been the industry leader in residential humidification with a goal of delivering Healthy Air to everyone.

Healthy humidity

Breathe Healthy Air, no matter when or where with the AprilAire Healthy Air System™. Find out how balancing your humidity benefits your health.

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The State of Your Air

How do the elements in your region
impact the air in your home?

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Healthy Air System

It's time to care about
Healthy Air! Find out why.

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maintain wellness icon Improve Health

Fight viruses, bacteria, mold, and other airborne pollutants that thrive in excessively damp conditions

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protect your home from high humidity and dry air icon Protect Your Home

Shield your belongings and home furnishings from mildew, rot, and warping.

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energy efficiency icon Save Energy

Balanced humidity prevents your air conditioner or furnace from working overtime, saving you money on future energy costs.

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Our Dehumidifiers

Excess moisture in your home creates perfect conditions for mold growth, allergens, musty odors, and mildew which can lead to unhealthy air. AprilAire dehumidifiers remove the right amount of moisture from every room in your home, until your optimal humidity level has been reached.

Our whole-house dehumidifiers can also help make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient while protecting your home's assets. The AprilAire dehumidifier includes a dedicated drain which means there is no messy water tray to empty. Yearly filter cleaning or replacement makes maintenance simple.

Virus Protection
Reduce Allergens
& Asthma Triggers
Prevent Desired
Conditions for Pests
Impede Mold &
Mildew Growth
Home Structure
E-Series Dehumidifiers
* Includes casters

About Our Sizing Recommendations


Sizing recommendations are based on tight homes with 0.5 ACH (air changes per hour) in most regions of the country. Regions with high humidity will require more dehumidification, which will cause sizing recommendations to vary. The maximum square footage associated with the Model E070 pertains to the area of a crawl space. Sizing recommendations for all other dehumidifier models refers to the square footage of the whole home, assuming the home has 8 ft. ceilings.


your Humidity

Daily activities, such as cooking, cleaning and showering can add as much as 25 pints of moisture to your home!

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Healthy Humidity

Breathe Healthy Air no matter when or where. Find out how balancing your humidity benefits your health.

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Humid Air and Frizzy Hair—Plus Other Health Impacts of Humidity

While frizzy hair is an obvious sign of humidity’s impact, there are some other health impacts of humidity.

Facts about Healthy Humidity Cost Savings on Your Energy Bill

Healthy Humidity cost savings may surprise you. Save up to 23% in total energy savings by keeping your humidity balanced.

Efficient Home Heating — Answering Your Winter Heating Questions

AprilAire is here to answer some of your most common winter heating questions about energy-efficient home heating.

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