Prevent Airborne Viruses

Prevent Airborne Viruses

Control airborne viruses with an airborne virus air filter

We all know the list of major airborne viruses: 

The flu, the common cold, and COVID-19, but the measles, mumps, and SARs are also airborne.

These airborne viruses are passed from person to person through the expelling of droplets called aerosols through talking, singing, laughing, crying, sneezing, coughing, and even just breathing.

While scientists are still trying to determine the infectious dose required to contract one of these airborne viruses, they do know that the disease is transmitted via long-term exposure in indoor environments. 

Stale indoor air allows these infected aerosols to hang in the air due to the size of these airborne viruses increasing the risk of transmission.

For example, COVID-19 is 0.125 microns in size and most airborne viruses are about double that size at 0.3 microns. A human hair is roughly 50 microns in size. 

To help reduce the transmission of airborne viruses, you will need to make sure your indoor environment has the proper HVAC equipment. 

How Aprilaire Can Help Prevent Airborne Viruses

As we tend to spend more and more time indoors, having effective virus protection equipment is vital to reduce the risk of transmission. 

Aprilaire has several pieces of equipment to help combat flu season, the common cold, and other more serious airborne viruses like COVID-19, SARs, and the measles. 

Fresh air ventilation helps dilute the amount of virus-laden air by pulling the infected air out and replacing it with fresh air from the outside. As mentioned above, one of the ways to reduce transmission is by reducing exposure to infected aerosols. 

Another way is to reduce the size of the droplets. Dry indoor air evaporates these droplets making them small in size and allowing them to hang in the air and recirculate much more effectively. By adding moisture into the air through a humidifier you can increase the droplet size and force the droplets to surfaces much quicker. Humidity control also helps increase your body's immune response. 

Air purification helps capture airborne viruses that pass through an air filter. A MERV 16 air filter can capture up to 96 percent of viruses that pass through the system. 

For the most effective virus protection, an Aprilaire Healthy Air System combines fresh air ventilation, air purification, and humidity control. This multi-pronged approach is an effective tool to combat most indoor air issues. 

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