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Healthy Humidity Plays a Key Role in Wellness

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Healthy Air Is on the Way

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Aprilaire Healthy Air System

Now Part of the Aprilaire Healthy Air System™

Healthy Humidity

Fact: Studies show flu viruses thrive in dry air. Aprilaire humidifiers help create a healthy humidity environment that's great for your family...but not for the flu.

Healthy Air Ecosystem

Healthy Humidity is only part of the Aprilaire Healthy Air System™. Balanced humidity complements fresh air ventilation and air filtration, greatly contributing to your overall health.


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Healthy Air! Find out why.

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The State of Your Air

How do the elements in your region
impact the air in your home?

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Maintain Wellness

Viruses, bacteria, mold, and other airborne pollutants thrive in excessively dry or damp conditions. Fortunately, people thrive in the sweet spot in between.


Save Energy

Balanced humidity prevents your air conditioner or furnace from working overtime, saving you money on future energy costs.


Protect Your Home

Dry air can lead to cracked wood while damp air contributes to harmful mold growth and pests. Keep your home safe with proper humidity.

Keys to Healthy Humidity

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The 3 Components of the Aprilaire Healthy Air System™

Fresh Air Ventilation

Think of your fresh air ventilation system as your home’s own set of lungs. It inhales fresh, outdoor air, and exhales stagnant, polluted indoor air. This helps dilute and remove contaminants so you can breathe easy at home.

Aprilaire ventilation equipment meets the requirements of the International Residential Code as well as the International Energy Conservation Code.

Air Filtration

A whole-home air purification system—paired with the right air filters, of course—can capture up to 96%* of airborne particles the size of viruses while reducing other even smaller contaminants from lingering in your home.

Aprilaire whole-home purification systems offer intuitive event-based cleaning, which ensures your family always enjoys Healthy Air.

Humidity Control

It’s important to keep your home’s humidity as close to 50% as possible. Depending on which you’re looking to combat—dry or damp air—whole-home humidification as well as whole-home dehumidification can help you keep a healthy home.

That said, different regions have different household humidity needs, and the Aprilaire Healthy Air System can be customized to match your climate.

The Relationship Between Your Furnace and Your Humidifier

How do these two components contribute to Healthy Air in your home? One of our Healthy Air experts weighs in to explain how your furnace impacts indoor air.

The Relationship Between Dry Air and the Spread of Viruses

What is the relationship between dry air and the spread of viruses? See how humidity impacts the spread of airborne viruses in your home.

Keep Your Kids Active, Healthy, and Hydrated All Winter Long

As the days grow colder, kids tend to spend more time indoors. How can you ensure they’re staying active, healthy, and hydrated during the wintertime?

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