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Prevent Colds and Flu

How to Help Reduce Spread of Colds and Flu Inside Your Home

Humidity Control and Air Filters

While cold and flu season coincides with cold weather, the proliferation of these airborne viruses has more to do with humidity than temperature. As the air cools outside, we turn our heaters on, which pulls moisture from the air making it drier. 

This dry air neutralizes our body's first line of defense against airborne viruses like the cold and flu and can slow our immune response. In properly balanced humidity, our nose's mucous membranes are moistened making it easier for our body to stop airborne viruses from getting into our lungs and making us sick. 

Keeping our home's humidity optimally balanced can help in combatting these airborne viruses by improving our body's natural defenses. 

Using whole-house solutions from AprilAire can help keep your family better protected from cold and flu season especially if you have children since the beginning of flu and cold season also butts up against Back to School season

AprilAire Whole-House Solutions Can Help Against Colds and Flu

Airborne viruses, like colds and flu, are transmitted through droplets. These droplets get into the air by sneezing, talking, coughing, singing, crying, and breathing. There's no way of preventing these colds and flu droplets from getting into the air. It's more about what you do with them once they are there.

AprilAire Healthy Air System® helps prevent colds and flu droplets from infecting other people by controlling humidity, capturing droplets that flow through the air purifier, and adding fresh air ventilation. 

- Keeping your home's humidity properly balanced is easy with a AprilAire whole-house humidifier thanks to an on-board sensor and digital controls. 

- AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifier outfitted with AprilAire MERV 16 Air Filters captures 98% of airborne viruses that flow through the system. 

- A fresh air venitlation system exhales bad air filled with airborne contanimants and inhales good air. 

Use AprilAire whole-house solutions to imrove your body's natural defenses, capture airborne viruses, and inhale good air to keep your family healthy through cold and flu season.

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