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What Should the Humidity in a House Be During Flu Season and More on How to Treat Flu Viruses

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Asking about your home’s humidity levels this flu season? Good call! You must know that the spread of flu viruses has more to do with humidity levels than it does temperature.

What Should the Humidity in a House Be During Flu Season?

Most people associate colder weather in winter with the start of flu season, but it’s actually a result of dry winter air that causes the virus to spread onward. That’s why, when we look into how to treat flu viruses, humidification is one of the most recommended flu treatments out there.

“The less water in the air, the longer flu viruses survive. And that leads to a greater chance of someone catching the bug.” – Humidity Helps Fight Flu, a Scientific American podcast

The most effective flu treatments start by tackling the source. So, what should the humidity in a house be to protect your home and family from airborne viruses, like the flu?

We recommend homes maintain optimal humidity levels, ensuring their home reads anywhere between 40–60%* to reduce the transmission of viruses and lessen survival rates. With help from an AprilAire Whole-House Humidifier, you can achieve optimal humidity levels, fight viruses, increase comfort, preserve your home, and much more.

How to Treat Flu Viruses: Flu Treatment Dos and Don’ts

Following these important dos and don’ts, you can ensure your home is safe and protected from the dangers of low humidity!

Do: Balance Humidity Levels

Always, no matter the time of year, aim to keep your home’s humidity levels between 40–60%* to help combat dry air and its risks. In the winter, opt for that trusty humidifier for help as you learn how to treat flu viruses. In the summer, an AprilAire Whole-House Dehumidifier will do the trick.

Don’t: Ignore Signs of Low Humidity

Dry air and low humidity in the wintertime don’t just impact our health, they can impact the health of our home, as well. From static shock and creaky furniture to chipped paint and withering plants, it’s clear that everyone (and everything) in the home can benefit from balanced humidity.

Do: Opt for AprilAire Solutions

Installing AprilAire whole-house Healthy Air solutions, like a humidifier, gives you access to easy, programmable products, constant monitoring, and added peace of mind. With the ability to set and monitor your home’s Indoor Air Quality (thanks to AprilAire Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostats!), you can ensure your home is in flu treatment and prevention mode.

Don’t: Neglect Necessary Home Maintenance

A well-maintained home is a Healthy Home! To keep your unit working properly, don’t forget to replace your humidifier filters, called water panels, annually. Be sure to follow owner’s manual instructions, or consult with a local AprilAire Healthy Air Professional, to learn about how to best maintain your humidifier.

Humidity control is one of the easiest options when in the market for solutions focused on how to treat flu viruses! Defend your home from dry winter air and protect your family with AprilAire today.

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*While balanced humidity exists between 40 and 60%, it’s important to remember that outdoor temperature and other home factors will impact what relative humidity level is attainable and

recommended for your house. Talk with your AprilAire Healthy Air Professional to learn more.

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