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Prevent Airborne Bacteria

Prevent Airborne Bacteria

Control airborne bacteria in the home

Pneumonia, whooping cough, and tuberculosis are some of the well-known airborne bacteria, but the list of airborne bacteria is long. 

Airborne bacteria in your home are spread through expelling droplets through breathing, talking, laughing, and coughing. 

These droplets can land on surfaces or can hang in the air exposing you and others you come in contact with to infection. 

As we start to spend more time indoors, it becomes important to protect you and others from these airborne bacteria that can cause a litany of health issues. As featured in the above list of airborne bacteria, the infections can spread quickly and can cause major respiratory infections. 

Airborne bacteria are, on average, 0.2 to 0.3 microns in size. For comparison, a human hair is 50 microns or 250 times the size. And anything smaller than 40 microns is invisible to the human eye. 

A bacteria air filter, among other products, can help you reduce the amount of airborne bacteria in your home's indoor environment. 

How AprilAire Can Help Prevent Airborne Bacteria

Airborne bacteria can easily be transmitted between humans in improperly equipped indoor environments. Due to the size of these infections like pneumonia and whooping cough, it's imperative to have a bacteria air filter to help capture these tiny droplets. 

A MERV 16 air filter captures roughly 98 percent of airborne viruses that pass through the filtering system. Purifying the air with the help of an air purifier can help reduce the number of airborne bacteria present in your home's air. 

A fresh air ventilation system can also help dilute the airborne bacteria present in your air by pushing out the infected air and replacing it with fresh, filtered air from the outside. 

Humidity control will help control the size of droplets. Dry air will evaporate the aerosols making them smaller. Smaller droplets can recirculate through the air easier and will suspend in the air longer while the larger droplets in humidified will fall the ground quicker. Cleaning these surfaces, including your hands, will help reduce transmission with larger droplets. 

A Healthy Air System combines all three of these approaches to help reduce airborne bacteria in the home. 

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