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Hardwood Floor Protection

Protect the Wood Floors In Your Home

Moisture problems can damage the hardwood floors in your home. Dry air can create cracks that can split the wood. While high moisture can warp and rot the hardwood floors in your home. 

According to HomeAdvisor, an online referral repair company, the average cost of repairing wood floors is $922, or $3-$6 per sq. ft. 

Replacing hardwood floors is burdensome to both your time and your wallet. It can also be burdensome emotionally if the hardwood floors in your home are family heirlooms or original to the home. Make sure to protect the wood floors in your home before it's too late. 

So how do you protect the wood floors in your home and avoid costly repairs? 

How Aprilaire Can Help Protect Hardwood Floors

Controlling moisture problems in your home is the first step to protect hardwood floors in your home. A wood dehumidifier can help reduce the moisture in your home that's causing the wood to rot and warp. A floor humidifier can add the right amount of moisture to your home to prevent the cracking and splitting that's causing the damage to your wood floors. 

Protect hardwood floors with Aprilaire - your partner in humidity control.

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