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Mildew and mold are often mistaken and used interchangeably.

While they are both fungi, mildew grows on flat surfaces and is usually white and gray in color. 

What causes mildew is the same environmental factors that cause mold. 

Mildew thrives in high moisture areas where water is allowed to condense and this type of environment leads to mildew growth. Mildew is most commonly found in these high-moisture areas of your house such as your basement, crawl space, or bathrooms. Without proper treatment, mildew growth is expected. 

You will also begin to experience a mildew smell that is often described as musty and is commonly associated with basements that have been left untreated. Leaving these high-moisture areas untreated is bad for your home's health. Mildew smell is a sign of mildew growth and while the smell may only present itself in this one area of the house, the air throughout your house is still filled with mildew spores. 

See how AprilAire can help you curb mildew growth in your home with a mildew humidifier. 

How AprilAire Can Help Prevent Mildew Smell in the House

Musty odors mean there is a mildew problem. This means that the humidity in your house is too high and it needs to be controlled.

Using a mildew dehumidifier can help you regulate the high humidity in your home that makes mildew growth possible.

With a digital display, you can set the relative humidity to the proper range in your home to eliminate the conditions that make mildew growth possible. By eliminating the proper environment, you can help prevent the mildew smell in your house. 

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