fresh air machine

Fresh Air Machine

Fresh Air Machine

Today's homes are built tightly with a focus on energy efficiency resulting in trapped indoor air.

Trapped air can be full of airborne pollutants like toxic chemicals from off-gassing, cleaning supplies, or radon.

Other airborne pollutants like odors, indoor allergens, and viruses also get trapped in your home.

Trapped air can have a negative effect on your comfort and health.

Common household contaminants:

Mold, mildew, and biological contaminants

- Household chemicals

- Formaldehyde

- Smoke

How an AprilAire Fresh Air Machine Can Help

Control health 

A fresh air machine from AprilAire can pull in fresh, clean air from the outside. One of the major benefits of a fresh air machine is improved health. Diluting trapped airborne contaminants can help improve your overall wellness by reducing illnesses, improving productivity, or reducing allergy symptoms.

Control comfort 

Reduce odors and humidity issues with a fresh air machine to improve your home's comfort.

Protect your home 

Excess humidity is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. It causes condensation build-up on windows, destroying their finishes and structural integrity. A whole-home ventilation system works in conjunction with other Indoor Air Quality solutions to minimize damage caused by moisture.

Save energy 

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, a fresh air machine from AprilAire only operates during optimal times to help reduce your home's energy costs. Increase control with the AprilAire Wi-Fi Thermostat app. This smartphone app gives you increased access to your fresh air machine by letting you choose when it runs.

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