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Prevent Overly Moist Air In House

What is Moist Air?

There's a certain level of moisture that's acceptable in your home's indoor air but just like in most things moderation is key. The optimal relative humidity range is from 40 to 60 percent. Anything that is above this 60 percent threshold is considered moist air. This air usually resides in basements and crawlspaces where homes are particularly vulnerable to moisture from the ground. 

So to answer more specifically about what is moist air, it is overly humid air that can wreak havoc on a home's indoor environment. Mold, mildew, other allergens, and pests thrive in overly moist conditions. These irritants can cause health problems, musty smells, and home damage. It is also uncomfortable making you sweat and leave you feeling dehydrated. 

Reducing moist air in house can help prevent home repairs, health problems, and an uncomfortable living arrangement. 

How AprilAire Can Help Prevent Moist Air

With an AprilAire moist air dehumidifier, you can help rid your home of moist air. This overly humid air creates poor indoor air that can make you sick. By utilizing your AprilAire Dehumidifier's digital display, easily monitor your home's relative humidity levels. 

This moist air dehumidifier can help you pull moisture from your home's air to alleviate any ill effects from moist air. With no messy water trays to empty, maintenance is simple. The excess moisture is simply drained away. 

In addition, the AprilAire Whole-Home Dehumidifiers line-up received Most Efficient 2020 from ENERGY STAR®. The first whole-home moist air dehumidifier to receive that distinction. 

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