Humidity plays a major role in the health, comfort, protection and energy efficiency of your home.

Depending on the region, time of year and activities of the family, most homes need control over both dry air and excess humidity. Aprilaire puts indoor humidity control in your hands with whole-home humidification and dehumidification solutions.

Dry Air

When you heat your home it dries out your air. Dry air absorbs moisture from you and everything inside your home; leading a host of negative symptoms from dry eyes to increased ​chances of cold and flu. Learn ​about Dry Air Solutions.

Excess Humidity

Day-to-day activities such as breathing, cooking, and doing laundry can add nearly 25 pounds of moisture to a home each day. Basements and crawlspaces can also become damp, smelly locations when humidity is too high. Learn about solutions for Excess Humidity.

Protect your family from unhealthy, uncomfortable air that also damages your home and furnishings. Take a look at our whole-home dehumidifiers and whole-home humidifiers or locate a professional to find out which solutions are right for you and your home.

WiFi Thermostats with IAQ ControlWiFi Thermostats with IAQ Control​: Convenient Control of Healthy Home Solutions

Managing energy efficiency, humidity levels and all aspects of IAQ  has never been easier. With WiFi IAQ Control from Aprilaire, you get a single, easy-to-operate control that ​is integrated into your thermostat. It works in tandem with Aprilaire humidifiers, dehumidifiers and other indoor air quality equipment to help you to manage humidity, temperature, air purity and freshness—all with the touch of a button.