Your family doesn't spend all of its time in one or two rooms. So, why treat the air quality in just one or two rooms?

When you use a portable air purifier, humidifier or dehumidifier you're only providing temporary one-room relief. If you use multiple portable units, you're wasting energy and money. Either way, it's not effective.

A better solution is Aprilaire whole-home indoor air quality products. Attached to your central heating and cooling system, they provide the total comfort and health benefits you seek—in every room of your home.

Aprilaire Whole-Home Products Versus Portables

Portables, otherwise known as tabletop or room units, only treat the air in the immediate vicinity of the unit. Aprilaire whole-home products treat the air in every room of your home. Other advantages over portables include:

  • Aprilaire Whole-Home Products Require Minimal Maintenance
  • Aprilaire Advantage: Aprilaire whole-home solutions require infrequent cleaning and maintenance. Air purifier filters require changing every 6 months to 2 years, depending on the model and how often the unit is run. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers have no standing water and no buckets to clean or empty.
  • Portable Disadvantage: Portable units often require frequent cleaning and maintenance. Some units, if not properly maintained, may pose a hazard to your family's health. This is often the case with portable humidifiers and dehumidifiers where standing water can pose a health hazard due to biological contaminant growth.

Aprilaire Whole-Home Products are Quiet and Invisible

  • Aprilaire Advantage: Installed as part of your heating and cooling system, whole-home products are out-of-sight and away from living spaces. They work silently and automatically.
  • Portable Disadvantage: Portable units are oftentimes noisy and can be unattractive and obtrusive to your living space.

Aprilaire Whole-Home Products are Energy Efficient

  • Aprilaire Advantage: Every Aprilaire whole-home indoor air quality solution is designed with maximum energy efficiency in mind. Many enable you to use your heating and cooling system less frequently, saving you money on energy costs.
  • Portable Disadvantage: Multiple portable units consume more energy than a single, whole-home solution and don't offer you the same level of control.


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