Keep Family Members Healthy

Zoned Temperature Control helps keep pollutants and the sniffles at bay.

Modern Home Design & Comfort

With today's new design features, the preservation of your home requires zone temperature control.

Ahh - Just Right

Zoning eliminates hot and cold spots from every area of your home, enhancing each family member's comfort.


A Modern Home Checklist -
Zoned Temperature Control

  • More than one level.

  • Open areas like vaulted ceilings or lofts.

  • A room off the back or over the garage.

  • Finished basement or attic rooms.

  • Areas with expansive glass areas.

  • Areas built over a concrete slab floor.

  • A rambling floor plan.


A Win-Win Energy Savings

Get energy savings from a combined zoning and programmable thermostat strategy.*

*U.S. Department of Energy 

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