Are you building your dream home or have you already built it?
Whole-home automation systems are making the home of the future a reality. Today’s homes are built with more sophisticated automated systems than ever — such as home theaters, appliances, smart locks and more.

While automation apps are often designed for security and convenience, they also play a role in health and comfort. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), can now be automated through the use of Aprilaire Home Automation Wi-Fi Thermostats with IAQ Control. 

The Aprilaire Automation Line offers complete integration into your home automation system. Control all aspects of indoor air – humidity, freshness and purity – from anywhere with the same convenience you manage other aspects of your smart home.

Whole-Home Automation Integration

Aprilaire Home Automation means control of temperature, humidity, fresh air and air purity can all be controlled from your home automation system. Instead of using the thermostat to adjust your climate needs, you can use a single system to control HVAC, lighting, security, audio/video and more. 

Rely on the leader in Wi-Fi Control of tempature and IAQ:

  • Integration with most leading home automation systems. Aprilaire home automation thermostats are designed with compatibility in mind.
  • IAQ Control: Aprilaire offers much more than wireless control of temperature. With control of Indoor Air Quality, you can manage all aspects of health and comfort related to indoor air. 
  • Expertise. Aprilaire knows how to solve HVAC challenges that other home automation brands don't.
  • Reliability: Communication between the thermostat and HVAC equipment will continue regardless of the status of home wi-fi or Internet signals - ensuring safe temperatures are maintained.