Control Temperature Efficiently With a Whole-House Thermostat

Control temperature with an AprilAire Thermostat.


Control Temperature

Improper temperature control can result in higher energy consumption and an uncomfortable building environment.

Poor insulation, cracks in your foundation, or poorly sealed windows could be the culprits behind your temperature issues.

AprilAire can help remedy your temperature control problems with a complete lineup of thermostats and zoning panels.

How an AprilAire Thermostat Can Help Control Temperature

Indoor Air Quality Solutions
AprilAire Thermostats are about giving you complete control. With easy-to-read digital displays and convenient accessibility, you can control temperature and all aspects of your home's indoor air to help increase health and comfort while lowering energy costs.

Programmable Thermostats
With your digital touchscreen, you can control temperature in your home including scheduling your wakeup and bedtime temperature. There's also an array of temperature control settings to help you save on energy costs.

Wi-Fi Thermostats With IAQ Control
Wi-Fi Thermostats with IAQ Control lets you control temperature and your other IAQ products from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer so you can monitor your temperature when you're away from your home. You can also receive alerts to your smartphone or tablet so you know when it's time to replace your water panels or air filters.

Zone Control
Zone Control lets you better control temperature throughout your home. If you are experiencing areas of your home that are too hot or too cold, AprilAire Zoned Comfort can help. With zoned comfort, you will have a system of multiple thermostats with one control panel for complete temperature control. This system can also help you regulate your energy usage and help you save money on your monthly energy bill.


AprilAire Thermostat Benefits

Our thermostats make it convenient for you to control your home’s temperature and air quality from wherever you may be to benefit your health and comfort.

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Indoor Air Quality
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Achieve Energy Efficiency
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Reduce Wasted Energy
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Achieve Comfort
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Prevent Hot and Cold Spots
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