Weather Forecasting

Know a 3-day weather forecast with pollen and mold levels from your mobile device.

Event-Based™ Air Cleaning

Control fresh air throughout your home remotely.

Control Humidity Instantly

You can view and control humidity levels throughout your home from your mobile device.


Air Cleaning

Great for respiratory health, allergy and asthma sufferers, you can remotely update air cleaning frequency.


Set & Forget

Control humidity from afar and receive maintenance prompts when changes are required.


Event Boost

You can easily eliminate
stale, stagnant or contaminated
air in your home -
all from your mobile device.


Temperature Control
with Away Mode

Remotely change
the temperature every time
you leave and return home.

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Don't Set It - Control It.

Year-round health, comfort and energy efficiency are all influenced by the temperature inside the home. But the right temperature is not a constant. Depending on what your family is doing, the right “number” might change. The key to efficient, effective year-round comfort is better control solutions; solutions that don’t view your home’s climate as just a “number.”


Energy Efficiency

Programmable thermostats allow you to schedule the temperature in your home based on your daily routine. When the family has left for the day, the thermostat's program can be set to a more energy-friendly setting – saving you money!


Scheduling temperatures not only allows you to plan for whether or not you’re home, but also what you’re doing at home. The ability to have the temperature automatically adjust throughout the day.


Knowing the house will be at a comfortable temperature when you get home—and an energy efficient one when you’re not—means you have one less thing to worry about. Change your settings from anywhere with the app or let Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant do it for you with voice commands.



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