Property preservation is a never-ending job. From daily cleaning to seasonal maintenance, to major repairs. It can be overwhelming to take care of your home.

Don't get caught up in the details and miss the big picture. One of the most sensible ways to minimize property damage and extend the life of your home is to address the condition of your indoor air.

Poor indoor air quality has the potential to ruin your décor and even affect the integrity of your home's construction. Air that's too humid, for example, can cause mold and mildew to infest your furniture, drapes, carpet, and woodwork. Conversely, dry air may cause damage to artwork and wood furniture joints.

Other common effects of poor indoor air quality include:

Aprilaire whole-home indoor air quality solutions can help treat and clean your indoor air to ensure good property preservation. Find an Aprilaire professional near you today for an in-home consultation.