Aprilaire Basement Dehumidifier

Aprilaire can help you maintain a dry basement through dehumidification.

Have you noticed a musty odor in your basement? Condensation on the pipes or moisture on the walls? Mold or mildew growth?

These are signs of high humidity in your home, and the solution is a basement dehumidifier

If your portable basement dehumidifier is running all day, it’s not keeping up. An Aprilaire basement dehumidifier removes up to 2½ more gallons of water per day — keeping your basement mildew and odor free. Invest in a high-capacity, high-efficiency unit that works.

Top reasons to invest in an Aprilaire basement dehumidifier:

1. Protection - Remove odors and provides better protection against mold and mildew
2. Durability - Designed for heavy usage in damp basements. Includes a 5-year, all-inclusive warranty
3. Convenience - No more emptying the bucket of a portable basement dehumidifier
4. Made in the USA

Invest in High Efficiency Protection that's Built to Last


 Brand Aprilaire   Leading Portable**
 Capacity/day  90 pints/day  70 pints/day
 Daily cost*  27 cents/day  $1.01/day
 Seasonal cost  $64.80  $242.40
 Warranty  5 years  1 year limited
 Made in  Wisconsin, USA  China

*Operating costs calculated by multiplying the average amount of actual daily run time, power consumption when running and local utility electric rate. All products were tested concurrently in actual basement conditions, NOT a lab test chamber. These were actual real-life operating comparisons.
**Leading portables tested: Kenmore Model 53571, GE Model ADEL70LRL1, and SoleusAir Model GL-DEH-70EIP-6

To learn more about the effects of high humidity and how you can achieve a dry basement, watch our Dehumidification video.


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