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Why Stay Dry: Signs You Need a Basement Dehumidifier

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Are you in the market for a basement dehumidifier? With warmer weather comes higher humidity, more stress on our air conditioning units, and the threat of unwanted home and health issues. And while it’s no secret that high humidity in the summertime can play a big role in how we maintain comfortable, Healthy Homes, we often forget to focus on spaces that truly matter. A Healthy Home begins in below-grade spaces—that’s where basement dehumidifiers come in!

How Do Dehumidifiers Work?

Just like humidity levels that are too low can impact our health, the same is true when our humidity levels are too high. Here, AprilAire Whole-House Dehumidifiers work to balance your home’s humidity levels between 40–60%* to deter mold growth, reduce the effects of allergies, and preserve your home.

For homes with below-grade spaces, AprilAire Whole-House Dehumidifiers rank as one of the best dehumidifiers for basement levels as they help control your humidity levels from within. Read on to learn all the home and health annoyances basement dehumidifiers can help eliminate!

Common Signs You Need a Basement Dehumidifier

Pest Problems

Often, creepy crawlers prefer damp, dark conditions, which is why basements or crawl spaces are where pests tend to thrive. Adding a basement dehumidifier can help make your home less inviting for below-grade pests and common household ones.

Obnoxious Odors

Perhaps the most obvious sign of a moisture problem in your home is a damp, musty odor. While the smell may be coming from your basement, it can creep up into other living spaces and impact the air in your home. With a basement dehumidifier, moisture control means odor control!

Resilient Rust

Finally getting a chance to go through your basement storage? A sure sign of humidity issues: Rust. A basement dehumidifier can help reduce moisture levels in your home so rust is resilient no more.

Warping Wood

High humidity can be a huge threat to your property—whether you live in one of our nation’s most humid states or not. If you notice warping wood, cracks, or other damage to furniture or instruments, a basement dehumidifier can help you get back on track!

Clammy Conditions

While your air conditioning unit can help remove some moisture from your air, it’s nothing compared to the strength of a basement dehumidifier. Balanced humidity helps us more comfortable overall—no matter the time of year.

Meet the Best Dehumidifier for Basement

When searching for the best dehumidifier for basement spaces, look no further than AprilAire! Many smaller, portable basement dehumidifiers sold at retail outlets don’t have the capacity to handle the damp conditions that plague the average-sized home. AprilAire Whole-House Dehumidifiers have the power.

To learn about the best dehumidifier for basement and more Indoor Air Quality essentials, contact a local AprilAire Healthy Air Professional.

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*While balanced humidity exists between 40 and 60%, it’s important to remember that outdoor temperature and other home factors will impact what relative humidity level is attainable and

recommended for your house. Talk with your AprilAire Healthy Air Professional to learn more.

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