AprilAire Fresh Air Ventilator - Model 8142/8142NC

The AprilAire 8142/8142NC Fresh Air Ventilator with Backdraft Damper (No Filter) is designed to bring in precisely the right amount of outdoor air into today’s efficiently designed homes. The installation of our ventilators integrates perfectly into new building construction.

The 8142/8142NC helps dilute airborne pollutants in your family's home. Today's newly constructed residential units are built tightly. This is great for energy efficiency but airborne pollutants and moisture get trapped inside. Our ventilator delivers fresh air into your home to reduce these airborne toxins including Volatile Organic Compounds, airborne viruses, and bacteria.

This system also reduces moisture in your home that can damage and warp wooden furnishings. Lastly, the ventilator will help reduce odors in your home from cooking and pets. 

To get the 8142 installed in your home, use Find A Pro to find a contractor in your area. 

8142/8142NC Features:

  • Manage the quality of your home’s air year-round, with little effort.
  • Continuously monitor outdoor temperature and outdoor humidity to make sure the air coming in isn’t too hot, too cold or too humid.
  • Provides an optimal amount of fresh air, customized for your home, but meets required building codes.
  • Minimizes the introduction of air that’s too hot, too cold, or too humid if missed time can be made up when outdoor conditions are more favorable. (code)
  • Energy-efficient way to add fresh air in your home
  • Will not ventilate if the outdoor air will raise indoor relative humidity above 55%
  • 5-year warranty and requires no annual maintenance

8142/8142NC Standards

When installed, meets the following standards:

Removes Pollutants

AprilAire whole-house ventilation removes particles common in most homes to reduce mold, bacteria, pollen, harmful chemicals, and other VOCs.

Ventilate and Save Energy

You can save energy through the use of AprilAire thermostat’s convenient set-back programming.

Reduces Humidity

Manage house humidity with AprilAire whole-house ventilation to create the comfort you expect in your home all year.

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