Google Assistant Commands

Google Assistant Commands for Thermostat

Conversing with Google Assistant

Use the below Google Assistant Commands with your Aprilaire Wi-Fi Thermostat for quick and easy commands to control and set temperature.

How Google Assistant Commands Can Help

Before we begin, if you have an Aprilaire thermostat in your home, you’ll need to specify which thermostat you’re referencing by mentioning the name you chose for them – for example, “Upstairs” or “Downstairs.”

Set Your Preferred Temperature

Hey Google, set <Room Name> to XX degrees.

Google Assistant is able to maintain your Aprilaire thermostat for you year-round while you tend to more important matters around your home.

Set it and forget it with Google Assistant commands for Thermostat for a happier and healthier home environment.

Increase the Temperature

Hey Google, make <Room Name> warmer (XX degrees).

Just tell Google Assistant to raise or increase the temperature by however many degrees you’d prefer. It will be happy to help. 

Lower the Temperature

Hey Google, lower <Room Name> temperature (XX degrees).

Just use Google Assistant commands for Thermostat to lower the temperature for complete comfort.

Find Out the Indoor Temperature

Hey Google, what is the temperature inside? 

Curious about what the temperature is in your home? Just ask! Sometimes outside weather conditions can shift dramatically, causing your indoor temperature to rise or drop.

If you’re not happy with the temperature, see any of the above commands so that Google Assistant can help you reset your temperature.

At What Temperature is the Thermostat Currently

Hey Google, what is <Room Name> temperature set to?

Did someone forget to adjust the thermostat when they came home? Or maybe the kids are playing around with the thermostat, again.  The setpoint of the thermostat dictates where the temperature is heading towards; thus incorrect settings can cause unnecessary energy usage and more expensive energy bills.

Google Assistant Commands for Thermostat will let you know what the current setpoint is with this simple command.

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