Alexa makes it easier than ever to have a happy, healthy home. See how it can transform your Aprilaire air quality systems.  

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Alexa does many cool things, from telling you the weather, to reading you a recipe, to finding you the perfect playlist. But it’s great for so much more, which we’re excited to show you with all the latest Aprilaire commands for Alexa.

Check out the simple steps below to pair your Aprilaire device with Alexa. Soon you’ll be optimizing the air quality in your home and ensuring a healthy environment for you and your family. Start today!

How to:
Enable the Skill on Your Device

You need to have your Aprilaire Wi-Fi Thermostat set-up with an account using the Aprilaire Thermostat App before you can enable the Aprilaire Alexa Skill.

  1. Open the Alexa App on your device
  2. Select "Skills" from the Navigation menu
  3. Search for Aprilaire
  4. Select the Aprilaire skill and "Enable Skill"
  5. Enter your credentials for your Apriaire account and select "Accept"
  6. Select "Discover Devices"
  7. Verify that your thermostat name is displayed, then press the back arrow (Tip: If your thermostat name does not display, see below)
  8. You are now ready to use your Aprilaire thermostat with your Alexa device.
  9. Next we recommend you add the FREE update to Aprilaire Plus skill for even more voice command control.

How to Change Your Thermostat Name from the Aprilaire App

In the event that you are having issues discovering devices or enabling the Aprilaire skill, you may need to change the name of your thermostat.

  1. Open the side Navigation menu
  2. Select "Locations"
  3. Hit the right arrow for the location that the thermostat was assigned to
  4. Select the thermostat you want to change the name of (Tip: Highlight the name by pressing on the name, do not hit the right arrow)
  5. Select "Edit"
  6. Enter in the new thermostat name and press "Done" or "Save"

Conversing with Alexa

Alexa Logo and WiFi LogoYou’ve set up your Aprilaire Alexa skill, and you’re ready to bask in the glorious atmosphere of your home with your new pal Alexa. There’s just one problem: What do you two talk about?


That’s why we’ve put together some icebreakers to help you and your Aprilaire Alexa skill get acquainted. Check back often for more conversation starters as they’re added!

But before we begin, if you have an Aprilaire thermostat in your home, you’ll need to specify which thermostat you’re referencing by mentioning the name you chose for them – for example, “Upstairs” or “Downstairs.”

Set Your Preferred Temperature
"Alexa, set/turn/change <thermostat name> to XX degrees."

You know your home better than anyone else. Similarly, you know the temperature your family prefers in order to function properly throughout the year. All you need to do now is let Alexa know.

Alexa is able to maintain your Aprilaire thermostat for you year-round while you tend to more important matters around your home like getting the kids ready for school or paying the bills.

Set it and forget it with Alexa for a happier home environment.

Increase the Temperature
"Alexa, raise/increase <thermostat name> temperature by X degrees." 

No matter what climate you live in, winter months mean cooler weather. Because of this, there’s a good chance you’ll want to raise the temperature to offset the apparent tundra surrounding your home.

For that, there’s Alexa.

Just tell Alexa to raise or increase the temperature by however many degrees you’d prefer. She’ll be happy to help. 

Lower the Temperature
"Alex lower/decrease <thermostat name> temperature by X degrees." 

Again, no matter the climate you live in, summer months mean warmer weather. Be sure to keep your home cool and drink plenty of water during summertime scorchers to prevent heat-induced injuries, and maintain a healthy home.

Thankfully, with Alexa, lowering your temperature requires very little physical action, allowing you to revel in the cool, refreshing breeze gently circulating throughout your home.

Just tell Alexa to lower or decrease the thermostat temperature by however many degrees you’d prefer. She’s here to help you keep your cool.

Find Out the Indoor Temperature
"Alexa, what is <thermostat name> temperature?" 

Curious what the temperature is in your home? Just ask! Sometimes outside weather conditions can shift dramatically, causing your indoor temperature to rise or drop.

Either way, Alexa is well aware of the temperate climate in your humble abode and can provide you with those details post haste. If you’re not happy with the temperature, see any of the above commands so that Alexa can help you reset your temperature.

At What Temperature is the Thermostat Currently
"Alexa, what is <thermostat name> temperature set to?"

Did someone forget to adjust the thermostat when they came home? Or maybe the kids are playing around with the thermostat, again.  The set point of the thermostat dictates where the temperature is heading towards; thus incorrect settings can cause unnecessary energy usage and more expensive energy bills.

Alexa will let you know what the current set point is with this simple command and you can rest easy knowing you may have saved yourself a few bucks.

New Commands!

We’ve been busy adding more ways for Alexa to make your life easier. Check out the latest commands that will keep you on top of the temperature, humidity, and air quality in your home. All you have to do is ask!

Activate “Away” Mode
"Alexa, ask Aprilaire to turn on/off <thermostat name> Away."

Looking for small ways to save? The Away mode on your Aprilaire thermostat makes it simple by optimizing when and how your heating and cooling systems operate when no one is home.

So whether you’re on vacation for a few weeks or just at work for the day, Away mode manages the energy usage in your home and Alexa makes the process easier than ever.

You can ask Alexa to turn on Away mode on your way out the door, and ask to turn it off when you return. You’ll save money and energy in your home without sacrificing the comfort level you expect and enjoy.

Clean the Air During Allergy Season
"Alexa, ask Aprilaire to turn on/off <thermostat name> Air Cleaning."

The next time you feel a sneeze coming on during allergy season, just take a deep breath and ask Alexa to activate the Air Cleaning function in your home’s air purifier

It’s a quick way to filter both the air that’s inside your home and the air coming from the outdoors. It helps prevent pollen and other allergens from entering your home, and clears out dust from vacuuming and other activities. 

This allergy season, you can breathe easy. Alexa has you covered.

Circulate Fresh Air
"Alexa, ask Aprilaire to turn on/off <thermostat name> Fresh Air."

How fresh is your air? Daily activities can introduce a number of pollutants into your home, but clean air is just a phrase away.

Ask Alexa to turn on the Fresh Air if things are feeling stuffy. This uses whole-home ventilation to draw in fresh air from the outside through your home’s heating and cooling system. At the same time, it flushes out the polluted air. Problem solved.

Say hello to Alexa, and goodbye to stale air.

Warm Up Fast
"Alexa, ask Aprilaire to turn on/off <thermostat name> Heat Blast."

Sometimes the cold can come out of nowhere. And stepping barefoot onto a chilled hardwood floor is not a great way to start your day. The last thing you want is to do the freezing walk all the way to the thermostat.

So let Alexa handle it while you get back into bed. The Heat Blast will raise the room temperature 3-5°F, giving you a quick respite on those cold, blustery days.

Status Check
"Alexa, ask Aprilaire my <thermostat name> status."

Ever wonder what your home is thinking? We can’t help with that (yet), but this might be the next best thing.

Ask the status of your thermostat, and Alexa will respond with the status of your home’s air systems.

It’s an easy way to keep tabs on your heating, cooling, humidifying, purifying, and ventilation systems so you can keep your home efficient and comfortable.

Humidity Check
"Alexa, ask Aprilaire what the <thermostat name> humidity is."

Clammy…Dry…Just Right!

Finding the right humidity level for your home can take practice, and it’s important to remember how large of an impact humidity can have on your health and the longevity of your home’s woodwork, furnishings, and electronics.

We know your Alexa device is definitely one of the electronics you want to protect. And if you have a humidifier and/or dehumidifier installed, Alexa can tell you the relative humidity level in your home.

This lets you compare how your home feels with the actual humidity level. Once you find your comfort zone, it’s easy to dial it in and keep everyone (including Alexa) comfortable throughout the year.

You look out for Alexa, and Alexa looks out for you.