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What is PM2.5?

It’s very fine particulate matter and is measured by microns, which are very tiny units. For example, one inch consists of 25,400 microns. This specific particulate matter has a diameter of just 2.5 microns.

Their minute size makes them especially dangerous. Bigger particles can be filtered or caught by your nose before they enter your body. Since these particles are so small they can get into your lungs.

Where does PM2.5 come from?

From many different sources and is present in both indoor and outdoor air.

Indoor Air

The myriad of chemical reactions occurring inside your home from daily activities like cooking, off-gassing from your home’s paint, and the burning of candles and fireplaces.

Outdoor Air

Wildfires, car emissions, and power plants contribute to a majority of the particulate matter outside.

Outdoor air can still get into your home so it’s important to make sure that the air outside your home is clean.


How does PM2.5 affect my health?

In the short term, it can cause minor health symptoms similar to allergy symptoms like scratchy throat, sneezing, dry eyes, and coughing.

Long-term exposure or repeated exposure to these chemicals can result in reduced lung function, including lung cancer and chronic bronchitis. It also can lead to heart disease.

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