How Vacuuming Impacts Your Indoor Air Quality

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How Vacuuming Impacts Your Indoor Air Quality

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Vacuum cleaners are often relied on for managing dust and dirt on the floors and furniture in your home. But with so many types of vacuums available at different levels of quality, how can you be sure that your vacuum is actually improving the cleanliness of your home?

You may find that allergy symptoms pop up after you vacuum, dust, or sweep. That’s because these household chores can kick up more dust than they capture, especially if your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a HEPA filter or isn’t sealed properly. A HEPA filter prevents dust from being blown back into the air, and can capture over 99% of airborne particles. For maximum effect, the vacuum cleaner also needs to be fully sealed, which reduces the ability of trapped particles to escape the vacuum’s bag or canister.

Dust Allergies

The American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology (ACAAI) has several recommendations for people who suffer from dust allergies, with symptoms that include sneezing, stuffy nose, itching, and red eyes. Because dust is so light, it gets airborne whenever there’s movement, including during vacuuming and dusting. The ACAAI recommends that those suffering from dust allergies wear an N95 filter mask while cleaning, and use a HEPA air filter in high-traffic areas. You can also use an AprilAire whole-house dehumidifier to manage the humidity levels in your home and create an environment less comfortable for dust mites.

Handle Dust Throughout the Home

Air filtration systems can make an impact on the amount of dust in your home, in addition to removing things like viruses and pollen. Use an AprilAire MERV 16 filter for maximum performance in your home. By filtering the air that’s entering and removing stale air, an AprilAire whole-home ventilation system with air filters can help reduce allergy triggers in every room of your living space.