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Benefits of The AprilAire Healthy Air System®

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AprilAire wants to see every home experience the benefits that come from living with Healthy Air.

The steps it takes to achieve a Healthy Air environment will look different based on where you live and what climate you’re exposed to. AprilAire designed the Healthy Air System to handle a range of air quality aspects, with a focus on fresh air ventilation, air filtration, and humidity control.

Let’s look at the benefits of the AprilAire Healthy Air System®, and see how you can customize yours based on where you live.

Benefits of The AprilAire Healthy Air System®

1. Reduce Illness

Remove airborne contaminants from your home so you and the family can breathe easy.

2. Eliminate Pests

Pests thrive in homes with dust, dirt, and mold, which can be resolved with improved Indoor Air Quality.

3. Alleviate Allergies

Stop seasonal allergies at the door. Using an air purification system in your home lets you breathe easy all year long.

4. Pet-Friendly

All pets produce dander, meaning there are no truly hypoallergenic pets. That’s no issue in a home filled with Healthy Air.

5. Sleep Better

Temperature, humidity, and air quality can all impact your ability to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

6. Energy Efficiency

Managing humidity in the summer or winter can drastically reduce heating and cooling costs.

7. Increase Home Value

A Healthy Home is less likely to be damaged by pests or humidity, and an AprilAire Healthy Air System® may increase property and home values.

8. Lower Stress Levels

In addition to better health, sleep, and energy efficiency, a Healthy Home requires less cleaning time and can lower stress levels.

Healthy Air Customized for You

High Humidity Regions

Many areas of the United States experience extreme humidity at some point during the year. States in the south and on the east coast are especially susceptible, with humidity levels rising significantly in the summer months.

High humidity can invite mold and other allergens, damage your home’s foundation and furniture, and put strain on your air conditioning unit.

AprilAire whole-house dehumidifiers can manage humidity levels in every room of your home, and help you save on energy costs.

Cold and Flu Regions

While the pandemic has shown that every area of the country is at risk of airborne infections, areas with harsh winters typically see big surges when everyone is forced to gather indoors.

An AprilAire Healthy Air System®  that includes fresh air ventilation and air filtration can reduce allergens and prevent viruses from spreading indoors. Additionally, maintaining a range of 40–60% humidity can help ensure wellness during the dry winter months.

Dry Regions

When humidity is low in the winter because of dry outdoor air and indoor heating systems that zap away moisture, you can see real benefits from adding an AprilAire whole-house humidifier. Maintaining a Healthy Humidity level can reduce dust mites, allergens, energy costs, and home damage.

Plus, moist air feels warmer and holds heat better than dry air, so a humidifier can help you feel comfortable when your thermostat is set at a lower temperature.

In areas with droughts and wildfires, dust and ash can add to the air challenges. An AprilAire whole-house air purifier with high-efficiency AprilAire air filters can capture air pollutants that float into your home from the outside.

In all regions, Healthy Humidity can also help you stay healthy by moistening the air passages in your sinuses and increase your quality of sleep—especially for those with sleep apnea.

Hurricane and Flooding Regions

Though typically short-lived events, hurricanes can have lasting effects on your air quality once the storm ends. Floodwaters can lead to excess moisture, leaving behind the potential for mold growth. During cleanup, AprilAire whole-house dehumidifiers can help remove moisture from inside your home.

Damage from high-speed winds and rain can also impact your air. AprilAire whole-home air purifiers and proper ventilation can help capture and remove mold spores and other indoor particles like dust, pollen, and viruses.

State of Your Air

For more information on the Healthy Air challenges in your region, explore the AprilAire State of Your Air tool, and connect with an AprilAire Healthy Air Professional near you to discuss the best ways to customize an AprilAire Healthy Air System®  in your home.

Find a Pro

Establish a Healthy Home with AprilAire Healthy Air Professionals that care. We have over 4,500 pros nationwide who are ready to help you find the best Healthy Air solutions for your home, no matter what your needs may be. Start your journey with AprilAire.

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