A Gift They’ll Use Every Day – Healthy Air

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A Gift They’ll Use Every Day – Healthy Air

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It’s the season of giving, a time to find something your friends and family will cherish and enjoy. For anyone focused on health and wellness this year, AprilAire has some gift ideas that any homeowner will love.

AprilAire Gift Guide 2022

Air Purifiers

A Healthy Home is something we all want for our loved ones. The average person spends 90% of their time indoors, where the air can be up to 5x more polluted than outdoor air. Those two facts lead to one simple conclusion: it’s so important to clean the air inside our homes.

AprilAire whole-house air purifiers capture and remove harmful substances from indoor air, like mold, pollen, airborne viruses, pet dander, and even odors.

For anyone who needs a single-room solution, check out the AprilAire room air purifier, with a true HEPA 4-stage filtration system.

Fresh Air Ventilation

Another key aspect of enjoying Healthy Air at home is to flush out stale air, and bring in fresh air from outdoors. AprilAire whole-house ventilation does just that, bringing in outdoor air to dilute indoor pollution, and removing humid, polluted air that gets trapped indoors.

For the home chef in your life, you could also upgrade the exhaust hood in their kitchen. Cooking is a major source of indoor air pollution, and old exhaust systems are noisy and inefficient, with clogged filters wearing out the fans quickly.

Humidity Control

We don’t always think about humidity levels in our homes, but they play an important role in the health, comfort, and energy efficiency of a space.

AprilAire humidity control gives homeowners the ability to create balanced humidity year-round, with benefits like cost savings, fewer static shocks, and more protection from illness. AprilAire whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers can deliver balanced humidity to every area of your home.

Air Filters

As part of a home’s ventilation and purification systems, filters play a critical role in protecting Indoor Air Quality. AprilAire recommends changing our air filters every 6–12 months. Gifting a new filter for the holidays is a great annual gift that will start them off with Healthy Air in the new year.

Here’s a helpful guide for picking the right air filter based on the needs of the homeowner and their family:


Test for Radon

Feeling safe at home is a necessity for everyone. Not so obvious as locking the doors and turning off kitchen appliances is checking for the presence of radon. Because radon is colorless and odorless, it’s impossible to detect without an in-home testing kit.

Elevated radon levels can impact any area of the country, and the potential effects of radon exposure make it an easy decision to test for its presence in your home and your loved ones’ homes.