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Energy Efficient Heating Tip: How Comfortable Humidity Levels Save on Energy

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What denotes a comfortable humidity level? When the humidity level in your home is balanced between 40–60%* using an AprilAire Whole-House Humidifier or Whole-House Dehumidifier, you help foster an environment that’s healthy for your family and protected from unwanted guests, like bacteria growth, virus prevalence, respiratory infections, and asthma or allergy symptoms.

Even better: Maintaining this comfortable humidity level year-round can afford you other life-changing benefits like better sleep, improved focus, and even lower stress levels, so you and your family can live well, always.

But what’s even better than that? Wait until you hear this: A comfortable humidity level helps you save on energy!

How to Save on Energy: Energy-Efficient Heating Tips

The experts at the EPA regularly analyze the efficiency levels of energy systems and continue to back facts about how maintaining a comfortable humidity level can help homeowners save on energy and utility costs! Here are some of their latest data points regarding energy-efficient heating.

Make your indoor environment feel warmer or cooler without overtaxing your air conditioning or heating units. By adjusting your home’s humidity level by 4%, you will automatically feel a 1°F change in temperature. Proof that a comfortable humidity level helps you save on energy and reduce costs!

Energy efficient heating tip: Did you know that moist air holds heat better than dry air? In the wintertime, using an AprilAire Whole-House Humidifier to keep your home’s humidity level between 40–60%* helps you feel warm and cozy without having to crank the thermostat so you can save on energy!

Your humidity needs can vary depending on where you live, so it’s best to consult with a local AprilAire Healthy Air Professional for expert guidance.

When you maintain a comfortable humidity level during the winter, your energy-efficient heating efforts help you save on energy—just look at this comparison!

Save on Energy During the Summertime!

The benefits aren’t only visible during the dry winter season. In the summertime, using your air conditioner to maintain a comfortable humidity level alone can really run up your energy bills. With an AprilAire Whole-House Dehumidifier, you can maintain a comfortable humidity level without sacrificing cool comforts. In fact, Models E080 and E100 are designed to remove more moisture per day while using less power. Helping you save on energy—about 23% annual savings—these units have all earned the title of ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2024!

And no matter the season, using an AprilAire Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat can help you maintain your ideal comfortable humidity level, monitor temperature, and much more for energy-efficient heating and cooling.

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*While balanced humidity exists between 40 and 60%, it’s important to remember that outdoor temperature and other home factors will impact what relative humidity level is attainable and recommended for your house. Talk with your AprilAire Healthy Air Professional to learn more.

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