Lack of humidity control can wreak havoc on your guitar. Swings in relative humidity can throw your guitar out of tune and eventually destroy it from warping, cracking or rusting. Both excess humidity and dry air cause damage:

Too Much Humidity, and you'll see:

  • Swollen wood framing around doors and windows, and damage to instruments.
  • Warping or rotting wood floors, trim and wood furniture 
  • Mold and mildew infesting wood furniture

Too little humidity, and you'll see:

  • Cracking woodwork and wood floors
  • Loose or failing joints on wood furniture
  • Your guitar and other musical instruments falling out of tune

Aprilaire Has Guitar Humidifier Solutions that are Right for You

Industry experts recommend keeping your home's humidity between 30-60% to help protect wood trim, cabinetry, and furniture and your guitar. Aprilaire makes it easy with a whole-home guitar humidifier and whole-home dehumidifiers that automatically maintain the optimum levels of humidity throughout your home.

Use our solution finder or locate a professional to find out which Aprilaire solutions are right for your guitar humidifier needs.